Give Corn On The Cob An Umami Twist With A Slather Of Miso Butter

With sweet, juicy kernels and a gorgeous golden hue, corn on the cob is reminiscent of many nostalgic meals, from summer cookouts, to smoky barbecues, to hearty fall feasts. This delicious vegetable can become more than a seasonal dish, however, if prepared with flavors that elevate its status from a simple, starchy side to a sophisticated showstopper. One way to do so is by adding a quick and easy spread of miso butter across its surface.

Miso butter is one version of what is called a compound butter, or a butter that has been blended with other ingredients in order to give it a unique flavor. Combining miso — a thick fermented soybean paste — and butter creates a result that retains the melty, rich texture of butter while adding the intensely salty, savory taste of miso. This umami bomb spreads easily across hot corn and also contrasts and enhances the subtle sweetness of the corn itself, creating a more complex and interesting bite.

How to make miso butter at home

Miso butter is not common in grocery stores, so the simplest way to obtain it is by making it at home. Luckily, making a compound butter could not be easier. Start by selecting your butter. Since the butter is the star of the show, it is important you invest in a high-quality option. If you need some guidance, check out our recommendations of the best butter brands. We also suggest opting for unsalted butter, since miso itself is quite salty. To make miso butter in particular, follow our grilled corn and miso butter recipe by combining one stick of softened butter with ¼ cup white miso paste.

Using this butter upgrade also presents an excellent opportunity to experiment with creative seasonings. Instead of just salt and pepper, try adding spices that compliment miso butter, such as ground ginger, garlic powder, or chili flakes for a kick of heat. You can also amp up the creamy texture of the butter by pairing it with another condiment such as sriracha or kewpie mayo. Finally, consider giving the corn added crunch with the addition of a garnish such as green onions, seaweed flakes, or sesame seeds.