Starbucks 'Siren' Sauces Have Been Spotted In Chicago

You're probably familiar with the green Starbucks logo — a mythological siren that has become a worldwide visual marker for the brand. While mermaids have one tail, sirens are often imagined with two. This mysterious creature captivated Starbucks founders riffling through marine books for inspiration and seemed to illustrate many of the ideas the aspiring Seattle initiative stood for. Though the look of the logo has since evolved, the symbolism of the siren has remained. Most recently, the wavy green creature has lent its name to some test products appearing in a select few stores: To be specific, two flavored sauces. 

Starbucks Green Siren Sauce and Red Siren Sauce have been spotted on store countertops in Chicago. But these aren't the kind of syrupy additions meant for coffee drinks. Green Siren Sauce offers a creamy, herby ranch flavor to smooth over pieces of bread, and the Red Siren Sauce serves up punchier tastes of roasted red pepper for customers to drizzle onto sandwiches and snacks. One Redditor commented, "Not sure how I feel about Starbucks... sauce?"

A saucy kind of experiment

"Testing is a way of life at Starbucks — it's one of the ways we drive innovation, and it allows us to gather feedback from customers and partners," a Starbucks representative told Tasting Table. Starbucks has a documented history of launching test products in select stores. Whether drinks made with pop rocks candy or cheesecakes on sticks, some products find favor among employees and customers, while others, like the Chantico hot chocolate drink, are subsequently retired. As told to Tasting Table, the Green and Red Siren Sauces can presently be found at only three Starbucks stores.

Time will tell whether or not these flavorful sauces will find favor among the Starbucks community. Until you see either of these sauces appearing at your local Starbucks, you may need to take a cue from Beyoncé and pack hot sauce in your bag if you want to upgrade late-morning baguettes or lunch-time sandwich orders with an added touch of herby ranch or roasted red pepper flavors.