A Splash Of Bone Broth Will Boost More Than Just The Flavor Of Your Mashed Potatoes

On their own, mashed potatoes are delightfully fluffy and delicious. But when cooked with broth? It's like unlocking a new level of heaven. The rich, earthy flavor is a masterpiece when used to cook the side. To amp up the flavor, and more, of mashed potatoes, cook with bone broth.

A few years ago, bone broth rose to popularity, thanks to its nutritional properties. Rich in protein and low on fat, the liquid is known to better your body's hydration and sleep while also boosting collagen, according to Web MD. While the Goop-ification of bone broth has presented it as something staunchly for health, the liquid has been flavoring food for centuries. Complete with an umami-rich taste, bone broth infuses mashed potatoes with tons of nutrients and a savory flavor.

Based on where you get the bones from, the broth can have hints of rich beef, savory chicken, or earthy lamb. Combined with herbs and spices, the flavors come together to give mashed potatoes an incredibly unique taste in every bite. To make the mashed potatoes, add the sliced potatoes to a pot and cover them with bone broth. Simmer the potatoes until they're tender and pour the broth into a separate container. Add butter, cream, pepper, and some broth to the potatoes and mash them until they've reached your desired consistency.

Infuse these mashed potatoes with bone broth

If you can't imagine lobster mashed potatoes being any more euphoric, try making it with bone broth. After simmering beef bones, sage, thyme, mushrooms, and parsley for hours, you'll have an earthy, savory broth that was made for lobster mashed potatoes. Served over a juicy steak, this creamy take on surf and turf makes the perfect dinner.

For something that comes together a little more quickly, creamy instant pot mashed potatoes are the way to go. Although it doesn't take long for it to finish, the mashed potatoes have a delicious slow-cooked taste, especially when paired with an herbaceous bone broth. Add bay leaves, mustard seeds, and cloves for a warming taste that will make the mashed potatoes elevate pork tenderloin.

Roasted garlic spinach mashed potatoes definitely have enough flavor of their own, but some miso paste, ginger, and basil in bone broth will ground the dish even more, giving it layers of spice and saltiness. When eaten with spicy honey-glazed salmon, the heat and sweetness bring balance to the extraordinarily rich mashed potatoes.