How Long You Can Store A Protein Shake In The Fridge

Whether you are hitting the gym or simply trying to boost your nutrition, protein smoothies and shakes can be a great tool. They are quick and convenient as well as versatile since they come in a wide variety of flavors. Sometimes, these supremely satisfying drinks can be a bit too much for one meal, meaning you might have leftovers.

How long you can store a protein shake in the fridge varies based on its type and contents. Bottled protein shakes from the store should be kept in an airtight container after opening, where they will last for about two days. Homemade protein shakes should likewise be kept in a sealed container, but the lifespan of these protein shakes can be harder to predict, as different ingredients will make their shelf-life longer or shorter.

For example, cow's milk lasts in the fridge for up to seven days, but non-dairy milk substitutes can last up to ten, so a shake using a milk substitute is likely to last for a few more days. Adding ingredients like cut fruit or other fresh produce can further shorten this time, as these ingredients start to spoil after just four days. For the best estimate, pay attention to your recipe and consider when these ingredients might typically go bad, then use the shortest timeline as your drink-by deadline.

How to tell when a protein shake has gone bad

As with any food or drink, you should always check your leftover protein shake for signs of expiration before consuming it in order to avoid ingesting harmful pathogens like mold or bacteria. Use your senses of sight, smell, and taste to assess the beverage. First, look for visual signs, like a dramatic darkening or change in color, as well as textural changes, like new lumpiness or unexpected separation. Next, take a whiff to see if there are any funky or unpleasant odors. Finally, if you find the taste is no longer the same as when you first sipped your shake, it is probably not safe to drink.

If you would like to extend your protein shake beyond its standard refrigerated shelf life, an alternative approach is to freeze it, where it will last for about three months. Just pour the shake into an ice cube tray to make protein shake cubes as you would when making frozen coffee or pre-prepared smoothies. When you are ready to enjoy them, add them to a blender with your liquid of choice and run until smooth.