How The Super Bowl's Gatorade Shower Has Garnered A Betting Game

The matchup for the 2024 Super Bowl is set. As of last Sunday — after the San Franciso 49ers' legendary comeback against the Detroit Lions — the 49ers are set to face the Kansas City Chiefs on February 11. All bets are on — and no, the Taylor Swift props aren't the only interesting thing people are putting their money on. The Gatorade shower tradition was iconized in 1986 when the New York Giants poured the sports beverage over then-coach Bill Parcell's head to celebrate their Super Bowl triumph against the Denver Broncos, and it has since garnered a betting game all its own.

While yes, like Taylor Swift's relationship with tight end Travis Kelsey, the celebration has no bearing on the actual game, it still adds to the thrill of the event. Last year, for example, purple was the color of the Gatorade showered over Andy Reid when the Chiefs took the trophy over the Philadelphia Eagles. In Superbowl LVI the year before last, the Los Angeles Rams poured blue Gatorade on coach Sean McVay after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals. The year before that was also blue, and another year prior saw orange. Now a Super Bowl tradition, there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the chosen Gatorade flavors — we just know it's going to happen, which only adds to all of the excitement and anticipation.

Betting on the Gatorade shower? Here's what you should know

Just like the Super Bowl commercials, food ads, and half-time performances, the Gatorade shower is something we all look forward to. While sports betting may not be for everyone (and you can certainly enjoy the game without participating in it), it can add a bit more fun to the mix. Depending on where you live, however, you might not be able to bet on the color of the Gatorade itself — and the same goes for anything involving Taylor Swift or the commercials. That's because it doesn't have any bearing on the actual game, which goes against the gambling laws of certain states.

If you live in a state that allows you to, you should be able to bet on the color of the Gatorade shower using your sportsbook app of choice. However, when you're determining which color to bet on, know that there isn't much data or history to fall back on. For instance, purple, the color used in last year's celebration and currently this year's favorite, hadn't appeared since 2012. Looking back, you'll also find that clear Gatorade has been creeping its way in. Also note that, despite being one of the most popular flavors, red has not appeared in a single Super Bowl Gatorade shower. Like the Super Bowl title, it seems that the winning Gatorade color is up to fate — and maybe a bit of luck.