Why It's Important To Make Eggs Benedict Casserole The Night Before

Making a great breakfast can be labor intensive, and really, who wants all that work first thing in the morning? Any chance to speed the process along is welcome, especially when that convenience is a critical step in making the breakfast really sing. That's why Tasting Table recipe developer Katie Rosenhouse's Overnight Eggs Benedict Casserole is one of our favorite show-stopping breakfast dishes. 

Complete with Canadian bacon, English muffins, and rich custard, it is both delicious and a cinch to get ready on a busy morning. That's because one crucial step that contributes is allowing the savory custard to soak into the layers of English muffins. By preparing the casserole the night before, you ensure that the custard has ample time to seep into every nook and cranny of the muffins, resulting in a dish that bursts with rich, savory goodness. 

The English muffins act as sponges, absorbing the flavors of the custard as they sit overnight, ideally at least eight hours but up to 24 is fine if you want to assemble it further in advance. The custard, a delicate blend of eggs, milk, cream, and seasonings, becomes the binding force that unites the ingredients.

More essential casserole tips

While the overnight soak is essential, so is allowing the casserole to come to room temperature before baking. This crucial step ensures even cooking throughout the entire dish, preventing any unwanted temperature differentials that could lead to uneven textures or undercooked sections. 

After removing the Eggs Benedict Casserole from the refrigerator, let it sit for about an hour to even out its temperature. This might seem like a long wait time, but it is important as you want the dish it has been macerating in and will cook in to reach a more moderate temperature.

Don't worry about the wait though, as the period between retrieving the Eggs Benedict Casserole from the fridge and popping it in the oven allows you to focus on the final touch — the hollandaise sauce. With the casserole prepped the night before, you can effortlessly whip up the velvety sauce just before serving, delivering a meal that is not only impressive but also convenient.

Once you understand the thought behind resting Eggs Benedict Casserole overnight, Rosenhouse says you should feel free to play around with the savory bread pudding. Swap out the Canadian bacon for belly bacon or even crab, replace English muffins with biscuits, or spice up your hollandaise. 

By embracing the wisdom of preparing this dish in advance, you unlock the secret to a stress-free yet remarkable breakfast or brunch experience.