Smoky Yogurt Is The Uniquely Savory Dip You Can Make With Just 2 Ingredients

Yogurt is a delicious and incredibly versatile ingredient. You may be most familiar with consuming it on its own as part of a meal or a quick snack, though you most certainly have also seen it in dishes like the classic yogurt parfait or the trendy yogurt toast recipe. But, did you know that yogurt is not only good for making sweet treats? This common ingredient can easily become an interesting and innovative savory condiment or dip with the addition of any smoky ingredient.

Savory yogurt, as an idea, is not new. Many cuisines around the world use yogurt in savory dishes, like tzatziki in Greece or raita in India. Since yogurt is so mild, it easily takes on the flavors of the ingredients with which it is combined, meaning its taste can be shaped to complement almost anything you would like to dip in it. Smoky yogurt presents many opportunities for creativity, as there are many secondary ingredients that can infuse it with an intense flavor.

Many of these components may be sitting in your pantry already. Try adding in smoked salt or paprika for a subtle smokiness without any change in texture, or even a smoky chili like a chipotle pepper for a bit of heat. You can also add options like smoked olive oil or liquid smoke for a stronger flavor while also thinning out the texture of the yogurt to a consistency that is more easily spread and drizzled onto dishes.

How to use smoky yogurt in dishes

Smoky yogurt is an excellent addition to so many dishes. This is because it combines the creaminess, moisture, and brisk tanginess of yogurt with the stimulating earthiness of smoky seasonings. It can simultaneously improve the texture, acidity, and flavor of any meal, making it a multi-use powerhouse when cooking.

The simplest way to use smoky yogurt is as a condiment. Dip vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and celery into it for a refreshing appetizer. Dunk french fries into it for a zingy twist. Or, dollop some onto a wrap or burger for a rich textural accent. If you are looking for even more ways to use this ingredient, it can also make an excellent dressing, spread, or marinade. Spoon it over your chicken breast before cooking for ultra-moist results, toss it into a salad for a punchy flavor boost, or slather it across some bread as the beginning of an unforgettable sandwich.