Your Air Fryer Is The Secret For Evenly Smooth Melted Chocolate

Melting chocolate sounds like a simple task, but it can easily turn into a huge pain. If you're used to melting chocolate in the microwave, you risk unevenly heating your squares, which can lead to some melted spots and other areas that remain solid. But if you use a double boiler, you need to stir constantly to make sure the edges don't burn and the whole thing gets uniform heat exposure. Luckily, there's a way to ensure your chocolate can melt evenly that doesn't require constant attention, and it involves sticking it in the air fryer.

This device has come in clutch time and time again when we want quick, hands-off results that don't require getting a ton of dishes dirty. And while it may not be the most common way to use it, it's definitely possible to melt chocolate in the air fryer — and it may even be the ideal way to do so. These appliances blow hot air all around the basket while they're on, which causes the food to heat from all sides. Plus, you can change the temperature inside with just the touch of a button, so you have more control. So when it comes to your chocolate, you won't wind up with hot or cold spots, and unlike with a double boiler, you won't need to pay constant attention to your chips.

How to melt chocolate in the air fryer

Melting chocolate in the air fryer isn't quite as straightforward as dumping chips or squares in the basket and turning your device on — but it's pretty close. You'll need a heatproof pan or bowl that will fit in the basket, sprayed lightly with cooking spray ahead of time. Then all you have to do is spread your chocolate out in an even layer in your bowl, and plop it in the air fryer. It's better to melt low and slow in this case, so keep your device at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

After about five minutes, you should be good to go, but keep in mind that your chocolate will melt depending on the size of the chunks you're using. Chips may melt more quickly than squares, so it's a good idea to pull your treat out halfway through air frying and check on it if it's your first time trying this method. Also, make sure your hands, chips, and pan are completely dry before you begin, as even a little water can cause it to seize. But as long as you know the basics, you're really only a few minutes away from perfectly luscious melted chocolate.