Break Out The Skillet For Perfectly Caramelized Cinnamon Toast

Butter and toast are a combo that cannot be beat. That is, unless you give it a dusting of cinnamon sugar. When the creamy layer of melting butter mixes with the feathery light cinnamon and granules of sugar, it is both delicious and familiar. However, if you want to transform this childhood favorite into a more sophisticated and adult-like version, break out your go-to skillet and fire up your stovetop. Frying your toast is going to caramelize the cinnamon sugar, making it even sweeter and richer. 

To create this culinary wonder, you are going to want to begin by creating a mix of butter, cinnamon, and sugar to spread on your bread. This will ensure that when you place the buttered side face down in the pan the process produces a balance between the ingredients and neither the sugar or the cinnamon overpowers the other. When the sugar heats the hot pan, it starts to melt and mingle with your butter creating a whole new layer of flavor. The sugar is going to turn brown as this savory fat sizzles, becoming even sweeter with a subtle nutty note. 

A brûlée-like texture

The sugar isn't the only ingredient that changes for the better. When you use this skillet hack, it will also intensify the cinnamon's flavor as it heats up, making those woody and spicy elements of this ingredient even stronger. Once your cinnamon sugar butter has melted and formed a bit of a crust, flip it over and allow the other side to toast up. The exterior of your bread will become sweet and crispy, but the center of your toast will maintain a bit of softness. If you are getting crème brûlée vibes after toasting up you cinnamon toast in this manner, then you've created the perfect slice of cinnamon sugar toast. It's important to use a medium to low heat when making this bread or you could risk it burning if you are not attentive. And don't forget to melt a little butter in the bottom of your pan so your bread doesn't stick.  

When it comes to creating your cinnamon sugar butter, don't be shy about experimenting. Ceylon cinnamon is going to be sweeter than most other varieties, but don't limit yourself. Find the cinnamon that your taste buds like and that works well alongside your granulated sugar. Additionally, you may want to add a little vanilla bean paste to the mix to create a memorable experience.