Corazón Tequila's New Collection Is Aged In Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels

Bourbon and tequila are two different drinks, each with distinct processes and flavors. Yet, thanks to a recent partnership between renowned whiskey distillery Buffalo Trace and tequila distillery Casa San Matías, the two spirits may have more in common than you think. These similarities are less about the bottle than they are about the barrel. Casa San Matías, one of Mexico's oldest tequila distilleries, just announced a collection of six Corazón Tequila bottles, two of which are entirely new. Dubbed "Expresiones del Corazón," the tequila line draws inspiration — and technique — from Buffalo Trace; Corazón Tequila has aged its latest tequilas in the same barrels once utilized by the classic bourbon brand. 

"Our dedication to exploring the unique liquid that emerges from the aging process drives our experimentation with new barrels," Rocio Rodriguez Torres, Master Distiller at Corazón Tequila, said in a press release shared with Tasting Table. "We are thrilled to embark on this flavor adventure utilizing the exceptional barrels from Buffalo Trace Distillery, allowing us to expand the tequila landscape." While the former bourbon barrels, indeed, offer traces of Buffalo Trace, they also impart unique flavors to each tequila. As for how that taste translates to the bottle? Let's just say that the collection includes something for everyone.

Corazón Tequila's 2023 collection used bourbon barrels

You don't have to choose between whiskey and tequila — though you can choose between six different bottles of Corazón Tequila. The collection's well-rounded options include two entirely new varieties: Corazón Weller 12 Añejo Tequila and Corazón French Oak Añejo Tequila. The former is aged for more than two years in ex-Weller 12 Kentucky Straight Bourbon barrels, which lend themselves to notes of vanilla and oak, according to the press release. 

Meanwhile, the French Oak tequila is aged for a minimum of 13 months in barrels that once held Old Charter Oak French Oak bourbon. It has, yet again, notes of oak and vanilla, as well as apple and caramel. The other options in the collection include Corazón Sazerac Rye 18 Añejo Tequila, Corazón George T. Stagg Añejo Tequila, Corazón William Larue Weller Añejo Tequila, and Corazón Artisanal Small Batch Blanco Tequila. 

While these tequilas all spend time in a former bourbon barrel, they deviate from each other in quite a few ways. Differences include aging times, tasting notes, and distillation techniques. All, however, are 80 proof spirits, so if you're struggling to choose between different brands of tequila, why not try something from the latest Corazón Tequila collection? After all, the endeavor merges whiskey tradition with tequila innovation.