Bruleed Grapefruit Is A Total Breakfast Game-Changer

Not only do citrus fruits come in all shapes and sizes, but there are many creative ways to use them, too. When it comes to a simple way to boost your enjoyment of the fruit, there are few techniques more rewarding than a grapefruit brulee. The general process is straightforward: Simply slice the citrus in half, garnish with good sprinkling of your favorite sugar, and heat. The fruit's tart and bitter palate perfectly meshes with the sweet notes of caramelization, which adds a fun brulee-topping crunch. Best of all, it all comes together in minutes, making it the ideal breakfast that delivers something a bit different.

And despite the simplicity of the method, there are a few tips to make it even easier. Firstly, it's useful to slice off a small round of peel at the bottom of the grapefruit, giving the citrus more stability. Furthermore, it can be helpful to loosen the segments with a knife before bruleeing, easing your final scooping out of each slice. And finally, there's the question of how best to heat the sugar. A culinary torch is the most convenient method and gets the quickest caramelization, although a little under 10 minutes in the broiler works, too. And just like that, voila — a beautiful, easily-customizable breakfast emerges.

Bruleed grapefruit is easy to customize with toppings

The caramelized citrus is ready to enjoy, but it can also be a tasty platform for additional flavors. You could consider adding a light sprinkle of salt to the final serving. The seasoning tones down the fruit's bitter notes, and adds a layer of flavor complexity. Alternatively, play with contrasts by scooping a dollop of thick natural yogurt or ice cream onto the fruit; the creamy texture will interact with the crunchy sugar and juicy interior. Consider further flavoring pairings, such as coconut, vanilla, or mascarpone atop the grapefruit, too. Then garnish with an additional crunchy bite, like crushed pistachios, flax seeds, or perhaps some chia seeds.

Other fruit combinations could be added, too. Whether it's berries, preserved maraschino cherries, or a spoonful of compote, more bright tastes are welcome. An expansive array of extra flavor and texture combinations is possible, making the breakfast heartier and more nutritious — it's definitely a fun way to change up the morning routine.