Pop Burrata Into The Air Fryer For A Gooey Appetizer Worth Savoring

The next time you're in need of an easy crowd-pleaser, how about a breaded, fried chunk of cheese scooped up by a crunchy cracker or a warm slice of toasted garlic bread? Or even just a melty, gooey ball of burrata cheese plopped on top of fresh salads and plates of pasta? Let us take a breath, as our excitement for the convenience of air-frying mounds of creamy burrata can't be contained. Whether you coat the orb of decadent cheese with breadcrumbs or decide to wrap it in pizza dough, the meeting of your air fryer and a ball of burrata is a match made in culinary heaven. You don't need much to make this easy appetizer sing — with a touch of olive oil, a sprinkle of cracked black pepper, and some flaky sea salt, you'll be well on your way to serving plates that taste like offerings to culinary gods.

Just as you would air-fry protein like salmon, tofu, or chicken, coat the luxurious cheese with your choice of bread crumbs, almond powder, Panko crumbs, or crushed pieces of crackers. Your breaded piece of burrata only needs a few minutes in the air fryer before it's ready to serve. After tucking into bowls of spaghetti crowned with air-fried burrata or presenting a charcuterie board with this creamy creation, you'll be scheming up ways to add this delicious recipe to your regular lineup of snacks and meals.

Mix it up for easy, flavorful variations

Air-fried burrata has made the rounds on social media for good reason, as one bite of this warm, oozing dish will have you drumming up more ways to prepare the creamy treat. Once you've experimented with placing burrata into your air fryer, you can get creative by adding different spices and seasonings to the coatings you use to bread the cheese — for instance, garlic powder or oregano for a garlic-bread inspired coating, or some paprika or chili powder for a little kick. You can even try injecting the cheese itself with sauces and pestos before placing it into the air fryer to cook.

For an even chewier dish, burrata balls can be folded into 2-ingredient pizza dough, brushed with butter, and placed into the air fryer until golden brown. This easy-to-assemble doughy package of cheese can be paired with a seasonal salad for a delicious meal, and a quick dash of balsamic vinegar or a few fresh basil leaves are all you need to create a beautiful plating. Regardless of how you prepare your air-fried burrata, prepare yourself: This cheesy recipe is a scene-stealer, no matter if it's served as an appetizer or part of a main course.