Skip The Graham Crackers And Make S'mores On Potato Chips For A Salty Complement

For those moments you're sitting around the campfire and disappointingly realize the box of graham crackers is still in the cupboards of your kitchen pantry, you have options. Move over, graham crackers, there's a new s'mores vehicle in town: potato chips. If you appreciate the dusting of salt on top of desserts and chocolate bars, pairing your s'mores creations with the salty, crunchy bite of potato chips may have you rethinking the traditional recipe.

Whether baked in the oven or assembled next to an outdoor fire, this salty-sweet pairing is a recipe that deserves a solid spot in your dessert-making arsenal. Should thoughts of sandwiching melty chocolate and golden marshmallows between your favorite kettle potato chips have you filled with skepticism, start by pairing a small square of melted chocolate with the salty snack before reaching to sandwich toasted marshmallows and pieces of chocolate or candy between the potato chips you have on hand. After the first bite, you may be making batches of marshmallows and chocolate-topped potato chips as soon as you return home.  

A sweet snack for any time or place

Topping potato chips with toasted marshmallows and chocolate is a feat that can be accomplished both in the great outdoors and in the comfort of your home. To accommodate more mouths at your s'mores-making party, set out a buffet table with a variety of ridged and seasoned potato chips, different flavors of chocolate squares, chocolate-covered candy bars, peanut butter and Nutella spreads, and marshmallows of different sizes for party-goers to put together the desserts of their choosing. Potato chips paired with sea salt chocolate or chili-enhanced chocolate bars can offer unique flavor profiles when matched with the gooey sweetness of a toasted marshmallow. 

The next time you browse the snacks aisle at the store, load up on an extra bag of potato chips. Whether enjoyed in front of an open fire or snacked on in between Netflix episodes, potato chip s'mores won't be easily set back down.