Bake Frozen Pizza With Burrata For A More Luxurious Bite

We get it: Not every night calls for fresh dishes made from scratch, and the convenience of a frozen pizza is a simple answer when you're looking for a meal to set easily on the kitchen table. Yet just because you're cooking something out of a package doesn't mean you can't add a bit of pizazz. Plopping a cheesy, creamy ball of burrata onto your store-bought pizza can transform a "meh" meal into bites that are followed by murmurs of "Oh yes." The ingredient inclusion couldn't be easier, and with little effort, you can serve up slices of pizza that can maintain the reputation of your culinary prowess.

Timing is everything when it comes to crowning frozen pizza with burrata balls, however. To protect the texture of the decadent cheese, add burrata to the top of your pizza just before the pizza is nearly ready to be taken out of the oven to slice and serve. In a few minutes, the creamy cheese will settle into your meal, and you may not even recognize the frozen pizza you had originally set eyes upon.

A gourmet slice made with easy effort

You can choose whether to drop the entire piece of burrata into the center of your pizza or tear pieces to distribute across the surface of your pie, but when making your decisions, consider leaving a few shreds of burrata off to the side to scoop up with pieces of pizza crust topped with your favorite pizza condiments.

In addition to adding the luxurious cheese to pre-made pizzas, crown your burrata-topped pies with drizzles of balsamic vinegar or your favorite herb-infused oils. Sprinklings of dried herbs and your favorite seasonings can also help flavors pop, and the inclusion of a few fresh basil leaves can help you present this pizza with confidence should unexpected guests drop by for dinner. Garnished with freshly cracked black pepper and crunchy sea salt, this dressed-up frozen pizza can be eaten with pride, and no one will be the wiser — unless you reveal your time-saving secrets.