A Simple Oil Drizzle Will Make Your Hummus Look And Taste Even Better

If you've ever ordered hummus at an authentic Greek or Middle Eastern restaurant, you might wonder why it often comes with a drizzle of olive oil on top. The drizzle, usually extra virgin olive oil, makes the hummus look more aesthetically pleasing, especially when paired with other garnishes like fresh parsley or toasted pine nuts. When you swirl the olive into the hummus, it also improves the taste and texture by making it richer and more complex. That's why we think it's a solid way to elevate your bowl of hummus at home.

You can drizzle a bit of olive oil on your homemade bowl of hummus, or use it to improve a store-bought variety that comes in a plastic tub. If you don't have a go-to hummus recipe and want to give it a try, you can check out our recipe for simple creamy hummus which includes a garnish of olive oil in the directions. For store-bought hummus, transfer it from the tub to a serving bowl, use a spoon to smooth out the top, then drizzle the oil in a swirling motion. All that's left is to add other garnishes if wanted, then serve with warm pita bread or crackers. The simple addition will elevate the taste and texture so much that your dinner guests will assume it came from a restaurant instead of your kitchen.

High-quality oil makes for a high-quality snack

Using high quality oil is essential for the best taste and texture, so pull out your finest olive oil for hummus. It's ideal to use extra virgin olive oil because it's the least processed variety from cold-pressed olives; it will have the richest taste with herby and peppery notes. We don't recommend using another type of oil like canola or vegetable because the taste just isn't the same. Not all oils are made equal, after all. However, you can use extra virgin olive oils infused with other ingredients like black truffle, roasted garlic, or oregano to infuse more flavor.

After drizzling olive oil over the hummus, you don't have to stop there. Use a variety of other garnishes for a bowl that will look and taste even better. For herby flavors, use freshly chopped basil, cilantro, or parsley. To add more texture, consider a garnish of toasted pine nuts, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, or chopped olives. Or reach into the spice cabinet and sprinkle a bit of paprika, sumac, crushed red pepper, or za'atar seasoning onto the hummus before serving.