Guide To The Best Spots For Food And Drink In Chelsea Market NYC

Chelsea Market is one of the best food markets in the U.S., attracting six million visitors annually, and offers everything from pizza and ramen to samosas and bagels. The market is located in the heart of the historic Meatpacking District and is a must-visit place for both travelers to New York and locals alike. The marketplace has an array of stores selling clothes, jewelry, and art, plus groceries and prepared food served on the go or as table service.

While spots like Sarabeth's and Los Tacos No. 1 get a lot of tourist hype in Chelsea Market, there are so many other vendors serving tons of unique New York foods you need to try. You can spend some time meandering and getting lost among the imported pasta, butchered meats, and freshly baked bread, but an overview of the best spots to eat and drink in Chelsea Market can be helpful when planning. As a local, this is my personal guide to Chelsea Market. These are spots I would take a friend visiting from out of town, straight from the stomach of someone who has grown up going to the stalls, and the tourist traps I would avoid.

Very Fresh Noodles

You'll get the hype that causes long lines at this stall as soon as you take your first bite of the best-selling Taiwanese classic, la mei Taiwanese beef noodle soup. The famous hand-pulled noodles soak up all the goodness of the rich beef and tomato broth with slow-braised beef shanks and a pile of greens. You can also order the tingly and spicy cumin noodles with lamb or beef and zingy flavors of Sichuan peppercorns and chili oil. The shop also serves some of the city's best vegan noodles, like the spicy vegan noodles with mock duck, bok choy, and shiitake mushrooms in a luscious vegan broth.

If you're looking for something to drink while watching the chefs hand-stretch noodles behind the counter, try one of the outstanding beers, which include international picks from Japan and China. Hard seltzers with Asian-inspired flavors like yuzu and lychee are also available. For something non-alcoholic, the milk bubble teas, vegan drinks, and lemonades with flavors like lychee and hibiscus are fabulous.

(332) 215-6161

409 W 15 St, New York, NY 10011


For small seasonal bites and sommelier-selected wine in an intimate setting, check out Corkbuzz. Choose from the massive selection of wines by the glass or bottle, cocktails, beer, and cider. If you're an adventurous drinker, try the blind-tasting flight which gives your bartender the freedom to pour three mystery wines to try. Alternatively, the somm selection flight allows you to sample what the wine bar's sommeliers want to share with you. If you like a little more control over what goes in your glass, try one of the flights that fall under a variety of themes, like the style of the wine or the climate of the producing region.

The dining menu offers cheese and charcuterie or various light, medium, and full menu items. Order the stunning salmon crudo with yuzu soy vinaigrette, or the seasonal burrata served with puréed honeynut squash and apumpkin seed pesto — but don't forget to order a side of bread. And if you can't make it during your Chelsea Market visit, the wine bar has another location in Union Square.

(646) 237-4847

75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011


From ramen noodles and rice bowls to buns and fried chicken, Mŏkbar serves up Korean street food-inspired dishes perfect for a day of snacking at Chelsea Market. The bulgogi buns filled with cheese and caramelized kimchi jam, and the ho'cake (inspired by the street food, hotteok) packed with pork belly and served with a kimchi pear sauce, are must-try dishes. If you still have room in your snack spread, the buttermilk-marinated Korean fried chicken is the perfect blend of crunchy and moist and worth a try, too.

Each comforting bowl of ramen noodles is better than the next, infusing ingredients like gochujang, kimchi, and doenjang for a unique Korean twist. Classic bulgogi, bibimbap, chicken katsu, and tuna poke also grace the menu with some serious flavor. When it comes to drinks, the most popular options are the housemade iced teas infused with Asian flavors like ginger and yuzu. Mŏkbar also has a couple of other locations including Midtown and Brooklyn.

(646) 775-1169

75 Ninth, New York, NY 10011

Seed + Mill

One of New York's most popular artisanal tahini and halva brands has a small spot in Chelsea Market serving up wow-worthy dessert items. Head here to nosh on the massive variety of halva, a crumbly fudge-like snack made from sesame seeds, with over 30 flavors like pistachio, cherry, dark chocolate and coconut, and more. 

For a more traditional dessert experience, dive into the gluten-free and vegan soft-serve ice cream with various toppings in a cup or cone. The ice cream is known for its incredibly rich and creamy texture, and has a slightly savory rather than sweet undertone. That's because it's made from tahini and oat milk, for a super light and nutty texture and flavor. The iconic sundae starts with the swirled soft serve and is topped with halva crumbles for texture and a tahini drizzle for a perfectly nutty, creamy dessert delight. It's a pricey pick, but it's worth a splurge every so often.

(646) 389-0340

409 W 15 St, New York, NY 10011

Pearl River Mart

This two-floor store in Chelsea Market is a one-stop shop for specialty Asian items. On the top floor, you can find items imported from Asia or created by Asian Americans. But head downstairs for a massive array of produce, snacks, frozen items, sauces, drinks, and other food items from all over Asia and by Asian American chefs and brands. 

The bottom floor also has prepared food vendors, like Mao's Bao for boiled dumplings and the iconic sheng jian baos, a pan-fried bun stuffed with fillings like pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and Impossible meat. Kimbap Lab serves up a modern take on the Korean classic with seasoned rice, vegetables, and fillings like bulgogi beef, spicy pork, chicken, or tofu skins rolled in dried seaweed. Finally, the Little Eats snack bar hosts a rotating selection of Asian vendors. During winter, the award-winning Laksa Shop has been known to serve up Southeast Asian noodle soups to warm up guests. For traditional and unique bubble teas and coffees to pair with your food, stop by Tea and Milk.

(646) 760-0453

75 Nin Ave, New York, NY 10011

Saxelby Cheesemongers

Saxelby cooks up freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches filled with unique ingredients like sriracha spiced pickles or fig and chili relish, but the grab-and-go market is really the showstopper. Rummage through the shelves to collect items for a perfect picnic, and enjoy them at the indoor tables right outside the shop, the outside Chelsea Market dining area, or the nearby Highline.

Choose your beverage from the massive selection of artisanal chilled beers, ciders, and non-alcoholic specialties packed into the store's fridge. Then, pick your farmstead and artisan cheeses right from the case. If you want some extra guidance, the cheese flights are an opportunity to try a few varieties at once, carefully selected by the cheese experts behind the counter. Each flight is served with dried figs and apricots, cornichons, and crackers for easy snacking. Finally, collect some accouterments to complete your picnic, like jams, jellies, pickles, meats, dried fruit, crackers, and more.

(646) 892-3077

75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011


Yes, if you're craving Italian food you can stop at Filaga Pizzeria for pretty good pizza and focaccia, but Buon'Italia grocer offers an immersive Italian experience with spectacular eats. Peruse the massive market on the bottom floor to pick up fresh pasta, tinned fish, cheese, meats, sauces, snacks, beverages, and more Italian specialties. And while these items are great additions to a picnic or snack, the prepared-food bar is a hidden secret that serves up elite meals.

Grab a coffee from the espresso bar and dishes as good as an Italian nonna's sold by the pound. You'll find meat dishes like chicken Milanese and chicken Parmigiana, pasta plates like tagliolini with tomato basil sauce or fettuccine with bolognese sauce, pizzas like marinara and margherita, and vegetables such as eggplant caponata and broccoli rabe. There is also a rotating selection of salads, quiche, seafood, and more at the Italian deli.

(212) 633-9090

75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011

Berlin Currywurst

Swap your New York City street hot dog for these outstanding German-style sausages. You'll spot this stall by the wrap-around pub-style counter and the crowd of people tossing back beers and munching on Berlin's popular currywurst (sliced sausages typically smothered in ketchup and curry powder). Start by choosing a sausage style from a large variety of house-made options including pork, beef, veal, chicken, and tofu — all spiced and flavored in a variety of ways. Next, choose whether you want it served as a classic currywurst or in a bun topped with onion and sauerkraut, and the spice level.

Breakfast is also served all day, so kick off a day of eating around Chelsea Market here. Eggs and roasted potatoes top classic sausages and German-style meatloaf for a morning take on the main menu. For something lighter (or to accompany your sausage), you can order German-style fries, sauerkraut salad, beet salad, roasted potatoes, or a fantastic pretzel to nibble on alongside the massive list of German beer and wine.

(646) 827-3689

75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011

Lobster Place Seafood Hall

Whether you love lobster, fish sandwiches, or sushi, Lobster Place is the go-to for seafood lovers. Pick up some fish to take home from the fishmongers before grabbing a seat at one of the many counters throughout. Then, order yourself a glass of wine, beer, sake, or a cocktail before diving into the dishes.

The sushi bar serves super fresh maki rolls, sushi, sashimi, donburi, and combination plates at a better price and quality than most other spots in the city. Or try the raw bar where oysters, clams, crab, shrimp, and scallops are served. If raw fish isn't quite your style, the kitchen menu has lobster rolls, bakes, and steamed options in addition to salmon burgers, fish stews, and more. For a table-service experience, head over to Cull & Pistol oyster bar for a larger assortment of dishes.

(212) 255-5672

75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011


Chef Eyal Shani brings Israeli flavors with a global twist to New York City, and has made quite a name for himself through his 40 worldwide restaurants. Miznon serves Middle Eastern street food and has four locations throughout Manhattan, but it's worth a stop if you find yourself eating your way through Chelsea Market. The menu is divided between dishes served in a pita or out of a pita and is likely best known for the Instagrammable whole roasted baby cauliflower.

Though the iconic dish is delicious, customers rave about the folded cheeseburger in a pita served with a crispy cheddar cheese skirt, garlic aioli, sour cream, tomato, and pickles; or the slow-cooked beef and root vegetable stew served in a pita or bowl. You can also close out your meal with delicious Middle Eastern desserts, like malabi, and order a refreshing drink such as a bottle of Goldstar or cocktails like the arak mojito and palomargrita.

(656) 490-5871

435 W 15 St, New York, NY 10011

Black Seed Bagels

Even if you've already tried your fair share of New York City bagels, Black Seed Bagels offers a Montreal-style, wood-fired bagel that is sweeter and denser than its fluffy and chewy counterpart. There are 10 locations throughout the city, but a morning in Chelsea Market is not complete without one of these bagel sandwiches. Order a single, half dozen, or baker's dozen to bring home and stash away in your freezer, or choose from the massive menu of breakfast sandwiches piled high with eggs, cheeses, and meats; or midday sandwiches with spreads, fish, deli meats, veggies, and salads, and open-faced pizza bagels.

There are also many gluten-free and vegan menu options to please any person. If the menu overwhelms you, feel build your own by selecting your perfect bagel, spreads, toppings, and condiments. And be sure to keep an eye on the seasonal spreads — the ramp cream cheese in the spring is a fan favorite.

(646) 760-3040

425 W 15 St. New York, NY 10011


Travel to Jamaica right inside Chelsea Market with a stop at Tings. The beef, chicken, or vegetable patties are great grab-and-go items and pair beautifully with the namesake Tings Caribbean soda. For a heartier meal, try one of the many plates made from proteins boasting authentic Carribean flavors. Juicy jerk chicken or salmon, stewed oxtail, curry goat, and curry vegetables or chicken are served alongside well-seasoned rice and peas with tangy pineapple salsa. These are stellar meals that look and smell almost as good as they taste.

If you have some extra room, don't skip the side of mac and cheese. The pasta is perfectly cooked, with a cheesy sauce and a crispy baked layer of cheese on top. The line can get a bit long and the prices are steep, but this may be one of the best-hidden gems of Chelsea Market.

(646) 928-0095

75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011

ALF Bakery

Baker Amadou Ly brought ALF bakery to Chelsea Market and it's become a true local favorite. The new spot will transport you to a small bakery in Paris. Grab your tote bag and fill it with items from the large assortment of freshly baked breads like baguettes, sourdough, and focaccia. Or, start your morning with one of the seasonal stunning sweets like babka and brioche, or gorgeous baked goods including sweet and savory croissants and danishes. If you can't decide, start with one of the laminated baguettes — it's an outstanding cross between a croissant and a baguette that is delicate and buttery.

For something a little more filling, ALF Bakery serves a small selection of rotating sandwiches on housemade bread for lunchtime. The ham and cheese baguette is a can't-be-missed classic, and the Tunisian tuna on sourdough is one we can't wait to try. Refreshing juices and sparkling water are available for purchase, too.

(646) 847-1600

435 W 15 St. New York, NY 10011

Los Mariscos

As an alternative to the long lines at Los Tacos No. 1, this taqueria serves up outstanding beachy Mexican dishes — from the same team. The bar is bright and colorful, instantly transporting you to a beachside taco stand in Tijuana and Baja. With a street-facing entryway, seafood lovers can dive into fish and shrimp tacos served in freshly made tortillas, cheese quesadillas, seafood ceviche served on a tostada, aguachile, seafood cocktails, and more.

Speaking of cocktails, the Michelada served with lime and salt is outstanding, but tequila or mezcal palomas and margaritas, or Mexican beers like Pacifico and Corona are a great fish taco match as well. If you choose not to imbibe, Mexican sodas, aguas frescas, and soda are also on the menu. And don't forget to top your tacos with the tableside sauces and order a side of chips with guacamole and additional salsas to complete your meal.

(212) 920-4986

409 W 15 St, New York, NY 10011


Serving up American classic burgers, fries, and shakes, Creamline sources ingredients from local farms. There are two other Creamline spots in New York City, but this is an essential stop in Chelsea Market for burger lovers and picky eaters. Go classic with one of the many locally sourced burgers or fried chicken sandwiches brined in local buttermilk and served classic, buffalo, or honey butter. Or you could warm up with a delicious grilled cheese and New Jersey tomato soup. Be sure to wash it down with one of the many draft beers.

The milkshakes are perhaps some of the best milkshakes in New York City and blend the freshest dairy items into mouthwatering treats. The two cookies and cream milkshake takes inspiration from Chelsea Market's original incarnation — the Nabisco factory — and blends vanilla soft serve with Oreos and Nilla wafers for a shake made for cookie lovers. Other options include vanilla, chocolate fudge, strawberry, and peanut butter shakes.

(646) 410-2040

75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011

Chote Miya

In his second Chote Miya location, Restaurateur Jimmy Rizvi serves his family recipes for delectable Indian street food and dishes in a casual setting. This is an especially great spot for vegetarians and vegans, with a slew of plant-based options throughout the menu. Start with the palak patta chaat which is perfectly crispy and creamy, or the pani puri for a nostalgic delight. For mains, the kathi rolls, curries, kebabs, biryanis, burgers, and momos are all knockouts, but the Tandoori lamb chops marinated in yogurt and Indian spices may be the best entrée on the menu. 

When it comes to drinks, the mango lassi or guava lassi are perfect additions, and the fridge is stocked with canned cocktails and some imported Indian beers. The South Indian filter coffee and Mumbai cutting chai are great after-lunch pick-me-ups, too. And before you head out, stock up on some of the imported Indian items for sale throughout the store.

(646) 863-2117

75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011


I chose most of these spots based on my own experience. I've lived in New York City for over four years and I grew up in New Jersey, so I've been to Chelsea Market more times than I can count. These spots are places I recommend as someone who dines out a lot in New York, and includes a mix of grab-and-go and sit-down options across many cuisines good for all times of the day.