Starbucks' New Year, New Yays Promotion Includes BOGO Deals And $3 Drinks

Starbucks is kicking off the new year with two big promotions that the coffee chain is calling the "New Year, New Yays" event. According to a press release shared with Tasting Table, the savings start on January 11, 2024, with the $3 Thursday event, which allows Starbucks Rewards members to order any standard grande (or smaller) handcrafted beverage for only $3 between 12 and 6 p.m. at participating stores. That's right, a grande Pistachio Latte, Caramel Macchiato, or Peppermint Mocha can be yours for only $3.

But the party doesn't stop there. Starbucks is filling out the weekend with a Buy One, Get One event running on both Saturday and Sunday, January 13 and 14, from 12 to 6 p.m. exclusively for Starbucks Rewards members. This BOGO promo applies to all handcrafted beverages, meaning you can buy your bougiest latte and get a second drink of equal or lesser value for free. 

Goodbye plain black coffee, hello sweet London Fog Tea Latte. These discounts are the perfect opportunity to try Starbucks' new 2024 winter offerings, including the Iced Hazelnut Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, Pistachio Cream Cold Brew, or the Pistachio Latte (which is available hot, cold, or blended). Though, just as a heads up, the free drink has a maximum value of $10.

How to get the Starbucks 'New Year, New Yays' discounts

The only way to receive these discounts is through the Starbucks app, so make sure you download that beforehand. If you're ordering ahead of time, just apply the discount within the app itself. Or, if you're paying in the store, you can ask the barista to apply it then. Be aware that these discounts are only available for customers who are picking up their orders. You can't use them with Starbucks Delivery, DoorDash, or Uber Eats.

These discounts are not available until noon, but if you're looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, this is a great way to treat yourself while going light on your wallet at the same time. Use the opportunity to branch out and try one of Starbucks' handcrafted drinks that you've never had before. And remember, at Starbucks, "handcrafted drink" is a blanket term referring to basically every drink except black coffee, so scan the menu and go wild.