The Classic Wine And Cheese Pairing You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Certain things in this life don't just make sense together but are better together. From macaroni and cheese to peanut butter and jelly, and from rice and beans to salt and pepper — some things aren't the same without their associated other, and the classic pairing of wine and cheese is just another example of that. Prosecco and parmesan, pinot grigio and burrata, chardonnay and Havarti — every wine has a go-to cheese that compliments it perfectly. Funnily enough, the same can be said about the zodiacs.

Is it even a wine night if zodiac signs aren't brought up? I'd argue not. When the wines flow, so is the conversation — and we all know that when alcohol is involved people start dishing out details about their lives. Of course, that includes relationship drama. Someone hit it off with someone, another may have been ghosted, the engagement was called off, or someone stood up their date; the details aren't what's important because, at the end of the day, it's all going to come down to whether or not their zodiacs were compatible.

Just like wine and cheese, every sign on the zodiac calendar has another that they're supposedly best suited for. Heaven knows we don't always date them, but at least it gives us a way of making sense of it all. Fortunately, unlike your last Hinge date, a good wine and cheese pairing will never leave you hanging, and who says just because you haven't found your perfect match your wine shouldn't?


Aries are the first sign on the zodiac calendar, and they want to be first in every other aspect of their lives as well. These signs are notoriously competitive people. That's why, if they were any type of wine, they'd be the most popular across the world: Cabernet sauvignon. This makes sense since these signs are also notorious for being hot-headed, and cabernets are known for their lingering after-taste. That long finish is complimented best by a complex cheese, and everybody knows that when you have cabernet sauvignon, you pair it with an aged cheddar.

As one of the most recognized styles of wine across the world, it makes sense why an Aries would be associated with this wine — they love being number one, after all. Just don't tell them merlot came out on top in Tasting Table's survey of the best red wine.  But, this wine also has some big fruity flavors like black cherry and black currant, along with a spice that — like these fiery signs — lingers on your tongue on the finish. Nothing goes quite better with that than an aged cheddar cheese. Aged cheddar has a big and bold flavor that stands up to that of the cabernet, and it also just so happens to be one of the most popular cheeses in the U.S.


While they do work hard, Tauruses are well known for being extremely chill. These signs love anything spa-like, and they always make time to treat themselves to a little rest and relaxation — it's the reason they're able to show up as the calm, levelheaded friends we know them to be. That's why, if the Taurus were any type of wine, they'd be one that's as luxurious, indulgent, and smooth as they are. Often described as plush, silky, and lush, the wine for Taurus would undoubtedly be a merlot. Making their classic win and cheese pairing merlot and a smooth Havarti.

With its seductive, dark fruit flavors like black cherry and plum, paired with notes of vanilla and cedar, merlot is considered a smooth wine that has all the soothing aromas and succulent flavors that Tauruses love. While, like the Taurus, merlot could get along with just about any type of cheese, it's best suited to one that compliments the smooth  — and a smooth Havarti does just the job. Again, like the Taurus, this cheese is balanced and mild enough to pair with anything, but it's also sweet and soft enough to feel like an extra indulgence.


Despite being represented by the crab, Cancers have a reputation for being softies. While they may put up a tough front, Cancers are compassionate, sensitive, and emotional people. These signs care deeply about others, and their empathetic nature makes it easy for them to take on caretaking roles. That being said, though, these signs have to be careful who they let in — and they tend to be incredibly self-protective for fear of having their kindness taken for weakness. The same thing can be said about this sign's wine and its classic wine and cheese pairing: Moscato d'Asti and blue cambozola.

Moscato d'Asti is sweet — just like these signs. But not so much that it can't be enjoyed with a meal. Moscato d'Asti has aromas of florals like honeysuckle and orange blossom. It's spritzy and sweet, with fruity flavors like peach and tangerine, but not syrupy by any means. It's often paired with spicy foods, because, much like Cancers in relationships, the sweetness of the wine helps to tame the forceful flavors of the food. The same thing can be said for when you're pairing moscato with cheese. In moscato's case, the bolder and funkier tasting the cheese, the better. Which is why a blue cheese is perfect.


Represented by the twins, it's understandable why many people might assume that Geminis have multiple personalities — or, to put it less nicely, are two-faced, as is the common accusation. The reality is that these signs are simply popular people with budding social calendars to match. Geminis are always hopping from one work event, dinner, and party to the next. Being air signs, they're known for their ability to carry conversations. But, Geminis specifically are said to be the communicators of the zodiac. They have a way of bringing the most unlikely of people together and showing them a good time while they're at it. For that reason, the wine a Gemini would be is as bubbly as they are: making their classic wine and cheese pairing Prosecco and parmesan.

Sparkly and bubbling, no wine says it's a party like Prosecco does, nor do they encapsulate the Gemini as quite as well, either. However, knowing them, they'll probably be popping the cork at a dance club rather than sitting down and enjoying it with some parmesan cheese. Fortunately, like the Gemini, there's a Prosecco for every social situation. Still, if anything can get these signs to sit down for a moment, it'd be this pairing. The sharp, saltiness cuts through the airy sweetness of the Prosecco perfectly, offering these signs a tasty contrast between the bits of gossip they'll be getting and no doubt spreading later.


Not only are Leos born between July and August, but they're represented by the sun. It's clear why Leos are considered the summer babies of the zodiac — even their personalities are warm and sunny. Leos have a way of living life to the fullest that rubs off on everyone that they're around. When it comes to what wine this sign might be, it'd be one that is conscious of summertime, and nothing says you're living your best life like a glass of rosé by the pool. While there are many different types of rosés, considering that these signs are represented by the sun and would most likely be drinking during the day, this sign's classic wine and cheese pairing would be Provence and goat cheese.

The light, crispy flavor of a rose from Provence goes hand in hand with a smooth, creamy goat cheese, also called chevre. Coincidentally enough, chevre also happens to be the cheese of the French region — probably because they're drinking so much wine along with it. The complimentary contrasting flavors of the creamy cheese and this crispy, rosé wine are explanation enough as to why these two are such a classic pairing, and since this wine is in season all year long, it will make a perfect party favor in the colder months too. Just like the Libra, this classic wine pairing brings that summertime sunshine into every moment and scenario — and it will have you feeling like you're living your best life, too.


Virgos are known for being extremely practical, and their attention to detail is unmatched. These signs are perfectionists to a T, but they still somehow manage to get everything done because they're extremely organized and proficient. Virgos love a deadline almost as much as they love crossing off tasks, which is why this sign's wine is one that people wait all year for. That's right; if the Virgo were any wine, it'd be France's most iconic: Beaujolais Nouveau, which is released on the third Thursday of every November. This, of course, makes the Virgo's classic wine and cheese pairing Beaujolais and feta.

From the wine region just south of Burgundy, France, Beaujolais Nouveau wines are known for their bright, fresh, and fruit flavor. The lack of tannins, which play a crucial role in red wines like these, is what makes the Beaujolais Nouveau particularly smooth. But nevertheless, a bit of spice still manages to hit the tongue. Soft and slightly chilled, these wines are easy to sip on their own — but a bit of feta cheese will bring out their full flavor. Salty and crumbly, feta pairs perfectly with this light wine, making the year-long wait more than worth it. It's definitely not something you'll want to miss out on, but knowing Virgos, they've probably set their reminders already.


Libras are obsessed with balance — it's why they're represented by the scale. These signs are known for being talented designers and decorators because of their eye for symmetry. However, it's not just an aesthetic for them. Balance is something they seek to achieve in every aspect of their lives. So, naturally, this zodiac sign's cheese and classic wine pairing should be balanced as well. That's why they'd be a pinot noir. Don't tell the Aries this, but among debates between pinot and cabernet being the best, many argue that pinot noir is better because it's more balanced. Of course, you can't have pinot noir without a bit of brie, making it the Libra's classic wine and cheese pairing.

Medium-bodied to light-bodied, pinot noir has a balance of earthy, savory, and fruity flavors — but it also has a touch of floral and spice. It's an all-around, well-rounded wine, and it's perfectly suited to pungent cheese like brie. It's a basic rule of style and design: Everything neutral, tonal, or subdued should get a pop of color. That's what brie is to pinot noir — it's rich, unctuous, and buttery with a creamy texture. As it ages, it begins to develop a stronger and stronger flavor, which is when you'll be able to distinguish more flavor complexities. When brie is served and eaten like an expert, the pinot noir will perfectly complement those earthy, nutty undertones that brie is known, loved, and sometimes even disliked for.


Scorpios have a bit of a reputation within the zodiac community, and your perception of them can depend entirely on whatever mood they might have decided to wake up in that day. On a good day, these signs can be enticing and bold, but on a bad day, they can be controlling and irritable. You never really know what you're going to get from these signs — but it's their mystery and darkness that draws people in. Just like them, this sign's wine expresses itself differently depending on where it grows. However, like the Scorpio, its core characteristics remain the same no matter what. If this sign were any type of wine, they'd be a syrah. This wine's bold and full-bodied flavor, with notes of smoke, black fruit, and spice, means that the Scorpio's classic wine and cheese pairing would be syrah and Manchego.

Syrahs feature fruits in the Scorpio's favorite color: black. Notes of plums, blueberries, blackberries, and the use of red-skinned grapes give this red wine its color — something you should pay closer attention to. Syrah's ruby-red to purple hue is even darker than cabernet sauvignon, which is just how these signs would prefer it. The flavors of the dark fruits, smoke, and moderate tannins are flawlessly coupled with a firm, buttery cheese-like Manchego. The nutty flavors of this cheese are the perfect contrast to this wine's bold and spicy flavors and will actually work to enhance them. These two bring out the best in each other.


Represented by the archer, Sagittariuses are said to be the adventurers of the zodiac. These signs are naturally optimistic and positive people. In turn, they tend to set goals that many would deem impossible. But, it's all about the journey for these signs. Whether things work out the way they envisioned or not, Sagittariuses has a way of finding the silver lining. These signs take everything as a learning opportunity — and they aren't afraid of going big or going home. For that reason, this sign's wine would have to be as bold as they are. That's why they'd be red zinfandel, making their classic wine and cheese pairing red zinfandel and Gruyère.

Unlike the sweeter white zinfandel and rosé varieties, red zinfandel has a hit of spicy smokiness that compliments its cherry and brambleberry flavors. When it comes to cheese pairings for this wine, it needs something that can stand up to its bold, Sagittarian-esque flavors — and Gruyère provides the perfect palette for it. Mild and slightly sourish, Gruyère complements the sweeter berry notes of zinfandel, just like butter and jam, while allowing the bolder side of the wine to shine to break through. 


If Capricorns are known for anything, it's for being workaholics. They're likely to embrace it, too. These signs are incredibly driven and determined, and with names like Martin Luther King and Michelle Obama in their bracket, they're also known for overcoming adversity. But, what a lot of people don't know about these signs is that they're big party people — that is if you can manage to drag them away from their desks. On the off chance they do give themselves a night off, though, many people are surprised to find Capricorns are the life of the party.

Considering that, and the fact that these signs love responsibility and probably rarely give themselves a night to let go and have fun, they'd be a wine with a higher alcohol content than most: A Primitivo. This makes the wine and cheese pairing for this zodiac sign Primitivo and gorgonzola. Like the Capricorn, these wines are strong and intense, but if you're drinking with them, you're in for a good time. Reaching 14% ABV, Primitivos is the strongest of all the wines, and they're often paired with equally strong cheeses, hence the blue cheese or gorgonzola pairing. Like a Capricorn, Primitivos are a bit intimidating to follow up — but a rich, full-flavored, earthy gorgonzola stands up to this wine flawlessly.


Aquariuses are said to be the humanitarians of the zodiac and, despite the fact that they're air signs, they're represented by the water-bearer — hence the reason for the "aqua" in their name. In so, they tend to have big ideas to better the world. But it's also why these signs are so imperative in maintaining their individuality. Aquariuses avoid acclamating themselves into any one social group. They also tend to have incredibly unique opinions, and often side with the most unpopular one possible just to make a point. Considering that, if the Aquarius were any type of wine, they'd be one that, for many years, was vastly underrated — a chianti. That is until it's paired with a tangy, local cheese like pecorino.

Today, chiantis are one of the most recognizable Italian wines, and they're one of the classic wines for beginners. But, local producers have only recently begun to produce higher-quality chianti wines — most notably chianti classicos. Considered a medium-bodied wine, the finest chiantis maintain their traditional Italian character, with juicy-tart flavors of cherry from the use of Sangiovese grapes. But, it's also known for being particularly dry, florally, herby, and savory — and the best thing you can do when pairing it with cheese is to think local. Being the humanitarian of the zodiac, that's something that Aquariuses can surely get behind. But, besides being local, these wines pair best with a cheese that, like these signs, is unique, and a bit tangy, making a pecorino the perfect choice.


As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces are like the youngest siblings in the family. It's believed that Pisces inherit all of the acquired wisdom and life lessons of the signs that come before it, making them incredibly intellectual, sensitive, imaginative, and intuitive beings. However, personality-wise, these signs can be hard to differentiate from others. Pisces have a unique ability to effortlessly adapt to their surroundings, and their behaviors can change drastically depending on who they're around. But that only goes to show how easily these signs get along with others. This sign's wine is the same way.

If the Pisces were a wine, they'd be a riesling. These wines come in a range of styles — from dry to sweet and from crisp to viscous. Rieslings are the best for an all-around cheese selection because they can go with anything on your charcuterie board, especially if they're on the dry side. But, of all the cheeses, it without a doubt pairs with raclette the best. Slightly salty, sweet, and nutty, a harder raclette cheese pairs perfectly with the fresh, somewhat sweet flavor profile of rieslings. So, for the sake of this article, the Pisces' classic wine and cheese pairing would be riesling and raclette, but truthfully, it could be anything.