Nearly 30% Of People Agree This Is The Best Red Wine

Evidence of wine has been found dating as far back as 7000 B.C., according to Usual Wines, and the alcoholic drink is still widely enjoyed around the world today.

Red wine is made from grapes fermented with sugar and yeast, per Wine Enthusiast Magazine. The juice from those grapes is then pressed and stored during the aging process. Once the wine has aged for the desired amount of time, it is filtered, bottled, corked, labeled, and shipped off to be sold in grocery stores, wineries, and restaurants.

Each variety of red wine has its own distinct flavor profile. Some work better for adding in to dishes while cooking, while others are much better off simply being sipped. It really boils down to personal taste preference when deciding which to grab at the grocery store. 

In a recent Tasting Table survey, voters were able to vote for their favorite drink, and one variety won their preference.

Voters chose one clear winner

In a survey conducted by Tasting Table, 626 survey respondents voted for their favorite variety of red wine and the results show that one specific type was favored above all the others.

Merlot took the highest rating, with 185 votes — or 29.55% of the total. The runner-up was Cabernet Sauvignon at 147 votes, or 23.48%. Zinfandel and Pinot Noir came close, but Zinfandel ultimately won out between the two of them with 127 votes (20.29%). Pinot Noir claimed 119 of the votes (19.01%). Malbec was the least favored of all the options, with only 48 total votes (7.67%).

Merlot features an acidic black cherry flavor with a chocolatey finish, per Wine Folly, making it a delicious wine to enjoy with dinner or alongside dessert for a sweet end to the evening. They state that the dry wine features a medium-full body with between 13.5 to 15% alcohol content and is best served chilled in an oversized glass.