Philadelphia-Style Bagels Add A Boozy Twist To Breakfast

Why not take something as delicious and comforting as a freshly made bagel and dip it into some booze? That's exactly what the brains behind the Philly-style bagel thought, and boy, were they anything but misguided. Not only is bagel dough left to ferment slowly before hand-rolled into orbs that can be easily sliced and smeared, but these specially made delicacies are also boiled in vats of water and beer from a brewery hailing from Philadelphia. Philly Style Bagels tapped Yards IPA to make the bagels, as the beer is nearly synonymous with the city itself. After the bagels are removed from their beer baths, they are baked in pizza ovens on wooden boards, similar to bagels found in Montreal

Biting into one of these thick, crusty yet spongy bagels yields a recipe that offers subtle malt flavors that can be complemented by various toppings and spreads: Seeds, red pepper flakes, salmon, or melted cheese. Sesame, poppyseed, salt, onion, garlic, cinnamon raisin, whole wheat, and everything bagels take on a new dimension when enhanced with the hoppy notes of an IPA, and we're here for it.

Biting down on booze-bathed bagels

The dark, glossy platform of Philadelphia-style bagels offers the perfect vehicle for savory sandwiches made with whitefish, lox, bacon, or eggs, as these bagels are dense enough to carry weight but chewy enough to give way when chomped down on. If you expect a mouthful of a boozy breaded treat, however, you might be disappointed. 

Bagel enthusiasts may be able to detect the differences between Philly bagels and those hailing from New York, but the crumb size, the shape of the bagel, and the texture of the punctured delicacies are similar. You'll need a keen palate to notice the malty undertones of a Philadelphia-style bagel when it is served with rich cream cheese or fattier add-ons like peanut butter or bacon. When enjoyed with a simple slab of butter, the tangy, malty treat may have you ordering a baker's dozen — and asking for a pint to double down on all the flavors that a freshly poured glass of IPA provides.