Freeze And Grate Anchovies Over Dishes For A Delicious Flavor Boost

While they may be off-putting to some — especially as a pizza topping — anchovies can deliver some extra tasty zing. Offering both salty and umami notes, with a texture that melts into a dish, they're a small bite of food that goes a long way. It's no surprise why anchovies are found in everything from the classic Caesar salad dressing to tomato and caper pasta puttanesca.

However, figuring out how to integrate this jolt of ocean-derived flavor can be tricky. So, consider freezing the little fish instead of relying on old-school sauces. Simply place the anchovies alongside their oil into an easily removed mold. Then, take out and grate — a sprinkle of anchovy can elevate a broad range of dishes. Use the method with classics like pizza, pasta, and salad, or incorporate it into inventive takes, like avocado toast or morning eggs. If you're a fan of the fish's flavor, the sky's the limit, so let's explore.

Frozen anchovies are malleable and store well

A small amount of anchovy goes a long way; hence, opening an entire tin for use may feel intimidating. However, once in the freezer, it's possible to use as much or as little at a time, making the unique savory flavor much more accessible. Plus, in such a form, the fish is good to eat for up to three months. So feel free to grate onto salads, into sandwiches, and pasta without care.

Anchovies can also be used right out of the freezer in other innovative applications, too. Throw into a mortar and pestle to craft anchovy butter, a perfect snack with bread. Or use the savory flavor in a marinade, adding a salty aroma to gamier meat like lamb, or even in the interior of a meatball. Plus, all of the sauce foundations are still readily available; mix in frozen chunks into lemon sauce, or an aioli. With their ease of use, frozen anchovies open to a world of options.