Elevate Basic Instant Ramen With Rich And Creamy Brie

For those moments you can't seem to muster the energy or time to put a full meal together, ramen is at the ready. These tasty bowls of broth and noodles offer a solid standalone snack or can act as a foundational culinary platform for toppings of your choosing. Brie is one such ingredient that deserves serious consideration, as the creamy, tangy inclusion can offset spicier broth mixtures while turning up the dials of warm comfort. 

While slices of brie can be added to any bowl of instant ramen, the pairing is exceptionally delicious when matched with spicy seasoning. The result is a thick, savory dish that delivers on scales of both texture and taste. You'll notice that ramen noodles become that much more buttery and rich with the addition of the decadent cheese. Plus, any potential spices that might have been an overpowering presence in the ramen bowl will have to quiet down in the presence of the soft cow's milk product.

Quick comfort served in a bowl

When experimenting with adding brie to your ramen meals, begin conservatively and taste as you go. You can always add extra cheese to the top of your ramen should you enjoy the tangy flavor. The longer brie is left in steaming bowls of growth, the meltier it becomes, resulting in a creamy, gooey mixture that is as enjoyable to scoop into as it is to eat.

Whether you decide to layer thin strips of the creamy cheese on top of a prepared warm bowl of noodles or decide to stir in chunks of the cut cheese directly into the steaming broth, you have options when it comes to creating the ideal dish to tuck into. To steer your ramen bowl into a creamier territory, consider cooking the noodles in milk and adding the sliced brie for a rich, decadent dish that serves up optimal comfort in a flash. Dress up your quick creations with sliced scallions, fried onions, canned corn, or meat or meat alternatives, and you have yourself a delicious, filling meal that requires little effort.