Fry Mashed Sweet Potato In Rice Paper For A Much-Needed Crunch

Rice paper is a Swiss-army-like kind of product that can find its way into many recipes with ease. Whether wrapping fillings for crispy fried dumplings or serving as a crunchy garnish for a plated meal, rice paper offers a neutral platform for other flavors to shine. These light, translucent sheets are ready and waiting to meet your favorite culinary ingredients — like sweet potatoes. 

Though sweet potatoes may be a vegetable more often used to make garlicky mash or casserole, folding the brightly colored spud into rice paper can yield a satisfying side dish that delivers both texture and taste. The contrast of the light, crisp, and crunchy fried rice paper enveloping the warm, gooey, and slightly sweet filling makes for a dish that might soon replace your go-to sweet potato French fries recipe. Seasoned with cinnamon and brown sugar or rosemary and herbs, you won't soon grow tired of the possibilities this ingredient combo offers. 

A crispy recipe that gives casseroles competition

To prepare rice paper for its introduction to the sweet potato mixture, you'll need to lightly wet the sheets so that you can mold them easily around the potato mash you've made. Season the sweet potato mixture with your choice of spices: Red pepper chili flakes and smoked paprika can bring a more warming taste to your dish, while drizzles of maple syrup and dashes of nutmeg can build bites that might outshine some of the sweeter dishes on your menu. Add marshmallows for a recipe that rivals your most prized sweet potato casserole or fold bacon bits and cheese into the sweet potato for a savory snack that can be served all hours of the day. 

Be sure to wrap the edges of the rice paper carefully so that the sweet potatoes remain in the rice paper and don't spill into the boiling oil. Your sweet potato creations can also be placed in the air fryer for convenient cooking. Garnish each crispy, golden piece with your choice of savory toppings like fried onions, or make pretty presentations with powdered sugar and cinnamon. To serve, consider providing shallow dishes of soy sauce or maple syrup for bites that will be quickly devoured.