Transform Canned Hatch Chiles Into Jam For An Elevated Sandwich Spread

Colorful red and green Hatch chiles are a source of pride in New Mexican culture as a stunning addition to wreaths and decor — and most importantly as a star ingredient in New Mexican cuisine. Their low heat yet spicy, smoky pepper flavor makes them a favorite for chile lovers and haters alike. While roasted peppers are a great addition to savory sauces to pour over pork or enchiladas, Hatch green chile jam is the sweet and spicy application that will become your new favorite sandwich spread.

Making chile jam is similar to making any stewed sauce in that it involves slowly simmering the ingredients on the stove until the mixture reaches a thick, congealed consistency. To make Hatch green chile jam, heat a can of the green chiles with fresh chopped apples and jalapeños, sugar, and vinegar in a saucepan for 30 minutes. The resulting concoction is a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy. 

Furthermore, since jam is a form of preserved food, you can make large batches to ensure that you always have the ready-made sandwich spread on hand. Stewing the Hatch green chiles concentrates their distinct smoky, peppery flavor while the jalapeños and apples bring a sweet and spicy balance. Hatch green chile jam pairs well with a wide variety of sandwich fillers, from savory meats to salty cheeses to tangy pickled vegetables.

Sandwich ideas for your Hatch green chile spread

Hatch green chile jam has enough depth to elevate any type of sandwich you plan on making, no matter how simple or elaborate. For example, it would turn a simple grilled cheese sandwich into a great one, adding a sweet and spicy kick that complements a rich, sharp cheddar and provides even more gooey goodness to contrast with the crisp, toasted bread. 

You could also use Hatch green chile jam instead of a fruity jam for famous sweet and savory sandwiches like the Monte Cristo or the Elena Ruz sandwich. Hatch green chiles bring the sweetness of the typical strawberry jam, plus a spicy, smoky kick that pairs well with the creamy cheeses and umami-rich smoked turkey or ham. You can even spread Hatch green chile jam and cream cheese into a bagel sandwich for a zesty breakfast upgrade. 

A fried or scrambled egg sandwich with tomato and crispy bacon would provide the perfect savory and rich flavor pairing for your flavorful Hatch chile creation. Even as a sweeter spread, Hatch green chile jam makes a great addition to Mexican or New Mexican-inspired sandwiches with pickled jalapeños and onions, chorizo, and melted Oaxaca cheese. You can also use it to put a New Mexican twist on your next burger or fried chicken sandwich.