Pumpkin Quesadillas Offer A Tasty Twist On The Classic Dish

Quesadillas don't have to just be tortillas and cheese, there are all kinds of ingredient additions you can try to bring a new level of flavor and texture to the dish. One unique ingredient you can add to your next quesadilla is pumpkin puree. Pumpkin quesadillas offer an extra creamy texture and an added boost of nutrition to your dish. Plus, adding this ingredient is easy and doesn't require additional cooking in the way other veggie and meat additions might.

To add pumpkin to your next great quesadilla, all you have to do is spread an even, thin layer of pumpkin puree on one of your tortillas before cooking. Your cheese of choice will either go on top of the pumpkin layer or, if you want a more even distribution, you can mix your cheese and pumpkin to create one homogenous mixture. It's all about what kind of texture you're looking for. You'll cook the quesadilla like you normally would — just be sure to warm your pumpkin puree all the way through so you don't have any cold spots in your quesadilla.

Add-ins for your pumpkin quesadilla

Pumpkin is mild enough in flavor that you have a fun opportunity to experiment with different spices and additions to your quesadilla, starting with your choice of cheese. There are a variety of different cheeses you can pair with pumpkin puree for a savory, creamy combo. Mozzarella is one of the easiest cheeses to pair due to its excellent melting ability and mild flavor. It won't compete too much with the pumpkin flavor and still works if you wish to add any additional seasonings. While less reminiscent of what you'd typically expect for a quesadilla, goat cheese can be another tasty option. The tangy goat cheese pairs surprisingly well with the pumpkin and gives the quesadilla a richer, deeper, flavor profile.

Fresh jalapeños or chile powder mixed into your pumpkin mixture can bring a smoky, spicy flavor to brighten up the dish. Or, you could lean into the fall-inspired flavors of the pumpkin and add a pinch of nutmeg to your quesadilla. Not only will nutmeg heighten the subtle sweetness of the pumpkin, but nutmeg is also an excellent pairing for cheese as well. If you want to bulk up your quesadilla and make it feel like a more complete meal, try adding black beans into the mix. You don't have to cook your black beans any extra if you use them from the can, making them a cheap and easy way to add protein.