Muffin Pans Are The Secret To Making Meatloaf For A Party

Muffin pans are a secret weapon when you want to make individual servings of a dish for a dinner party or book club soiree. This kitchen pan can be used to make effortless deep-dish pizza,  your favorite cupcakes, or beloved blueberry muffins. It is highly versatile. You can also use your muffin tin to make single servings of classic meatloaf made with ground beef and all of the traditional add-ins or sweet and savory turkey meatloaf muffins for more of a Thanksgiving vibe. 

When you make your meatloaf muffins, follow the instructions of your original recipe, and be sure not to leave out the egg. This ingredient will add structure and flavor, but it, along with your ketchup, will also keep your meatloaf nice and moist. Additionally, when you add any type of chopped or shredded veggies like carrots, celery, onion, or garlic, size matters. Be sure to focus on their uniformity and keep them small. This will also help ensure your meaty muffins don't fall apart.

Make in advance

Just as you would grease the loaf pan, you are going to want to grease the muffin tin compartments so the meat doesn't stick to the walls and make for an epic clean-up. When planning how many meatloaf muffins to make for your party, remember they are going to be fairly substantive, but you should prepare at least two per person. You can also make them in advance and freeze any leftovers for future uses for up to three months. If you plan on freezing your meatloaf muffins, do not add the toppings like ketchup or hot sauce until you are ready to reheat and eat.  

What you will appreciate about making your meatloaf using a muffin tin is how much quicker you can prepare your favorite recipe and get it from oven to table in 25 minutes compared to the hour it would take to bake in a loaf pan. Because they can be eaten without utensils, meatloaf muffins are perfect for a cocktail party. Not to mention, if you are on the go, they are both portable and hearty enough to satiate hangry kids.