A Splash Of Water Is Key For Smoothly Blended Avocado Sauce

Creating a silky, smoothly blended avocado sauce might seem straightforward, but did you know adding a secret ingredient can make all the difference? And that secret ingredient is water. This might surprise you, but adding just a splash of water is key for your next batch of cohesive and smoothly blended avocado sauce. 

A common issue we face when blending avocadoes is the blender's blades struggling with the thick, creamy chunks. At first, it may seem that this chunky mixture may never become that smooth, creamy sauce you're yearning for. "When you're blending the avocado mixture, you may need to add a little bit more water if your blender is having trouble," Miriam Hahn, a Tasting Table recipe developer, explains. A splash of water helps to thin the avocado mixture just enough, allowing the blender blades to move freely and create a uniform, creamy texture without challenging lumps.

The technique is simple yet effective. For example, when making guacamole, it's common to add lemon or lime juice for the same purpose: Flavor the condiment and smooth out the texture. 

From ripe avocados to the perfectly creamy blended avocado sauce

Ready to make a smoothly blended avocado sauce? Start by choosing ripe avocados. You want creamy, soft avocado flesh that is ready for blending. Slice the avocado lengthwise around the seed, then twist the halves apart. Remove the seed and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. In your blender, combine the avocado slices with your chosen ingredients. Depending on your recipe and taste preferences, this could include seasonings like salt, pepper, garlic, or herbs. Miriam Hahn uses cucumbers to make her avocado sauce. The cucumber adds a refreshing texture and contributes additional water content, which can aid in achieving the desired sauce consistency.

As you blend the ingredients, monitor the mixture's thickness. If the avocado sauce appears too thick or if the blender struggles, this is the time to add a splash of water. Gradually pour in small amounts, blending after each addition until you reach the perfect creamy consistency. Adding water bit by bit is essential to avoid making the sauce too runny. After all, you want a sauce or condiment, not a smoothie or a beverage. A creamy and thick sauce that can coat the back of a spoon yet is fluid enough to pour effortlessly is perfect. Following these steps and tips can help you create a beautifully smooth and flavorful avocado sauce perfect for various dishes.