A Mix Of Bourbon And Gravy Makes An Unlikely Shot You Won't Forget

Struggling to think of ways to use that leftover gravy from your holiday meals? How about turning it into a bourbon shot? No, really. Edmund's Oast restaurant in Charleston, North Carolina created this unusual shot combination back in 2015 and it is as simple as equal parts hot gravy and your favorite bourbon. Before you turn your nose up at the thought, remember that some of the best bourbon and food pairings consist of salty, savory foods. The subtle sweetness and slight bready flavor of bourbon contrast the salty, fatty, gravy in a surprisingly nice way.

This isn't a shot for the faint of heart. In terms of texture, it seems to teeter a line between a liquid Jello shot and a cement mixer. The co-owner of Edmund's Oast shared with Eater that the inspiration for this shot came as a precursor for Thanksgiving meals, almost like a way to prepare your stomach for what's to come. Whether you take this shot out of genuine curiosity for the flavor or as a way to prank your family, you may be surprised to find this shot isn't as strange as you might imagine it to be. That's especially true if you happen to be a major gravy lover.

How to make a bourbon gravy shot at home

As mentioned, the main components of this shot are hot gravy and bourbon. You can fill a shot glass with equal parts of both and gently stir to combine the two. Your gravy needs to be hot so it remains a smooth, liquidy texture, though. For a fun garnish to the shot, you can rim your glass in brown sugar and rosemary. This helps bring a fresh component to the heavy shot and the sweetness from the brown sugar helps bring out the natural sweetness found in bourbon.

When considering what type of bourbon to use, you may want to use a bourbon that has tasting notes of sugar and sweet. This helps to balance the saltiness of the gravy and offers a more complex flavor experience overall. Another tasting note you could lean into is smoky flavors. A smoky flavor will add to the savory component of the gravy and elevate the spices you use in your gravy. You'll also want to consider using a higher-proof bourbon. A higher-proof bourbon will have a stronger mouth feel, which refers to that burn commonly associated with drinking bourbon. As for your gravy, you'll want to use a smooth gravy that has a strong flavor. You may want to lean towards a thinner gravy as opposed to a thicker one, too. Don't be afraid to use herbs in your gravy to give it more depth and create a more complete taste overall.