Bourbon And Sparkling Wine: The Dynamic Cocktail Duo You Must Try

Whiskey has been a noted part of cocktail-making from the beginning, having been utilized as a base spirit for some of the first mixed drinks. The many different styles of whiskey include scotch and white and there's not a rendition that's bad for bartending. However, pay special attention to bourbon as the corn and charred oak-aged liquor has a robust character that stands out when shaken or stirred.

Surprisingly, when you mix bourbon with dry and elegant sparking wine, an especially tasty pairing emerges. While sparkling wine is more classically paired with gin or vodka, there is a special synergy that emerges with the barrel-heavy spirit. In drinks like the French 95, the spirit's boozy character pairs beautifully with lemon and sugar, turned into a complex, sippable affair with the addition of champagne. Plus, bourbon's character isn't lost when more boldly flavored ingredients like berries or bitters are added. Let's dive into how to craft such delicious bubbly and bourbon riffs.

Bourbon adds delicious character to sparking wine

In addition to the French 95 — which bears some important differences from the French 75 — the other well-known bourbon and champagne cocktail is the Seelbach. This long drink, created at the Seelbach Hotel in Kentucky, spins the carbonated combo into a more bitter forward creation. A hefty 14 collective dashes of Angostura and Peychaud's go into a serving, alongside triple sec, brut sparking wine, and, of course, bourbon. While still siding on the refreshing side, the complex drink offers a bold, Manhattan-like character, withstood by a bourbon base.

Alternatively, veer the pairing towards more fruit-forward creations, crafting sparking wine and bourbon cocktails with berry liqueurs. The aromatic flavors of crème de cassis or Chambord won't clash with the bourbon. Furthermore, the sparkling wine offers the perfect vessel. Experiment with varying riffs and ratios with an ounce of the bourbon being your starting point. Even if the drink isn't perfectly balanced, there will still be ample alcohol left over with which you can try again.