Crumbled Pop-Tarts Are The Fun Swap You Need For Pie Crusts

Move aside graham cracker crust, there's a new pie-making ingredient in town. Give your favorite pie recipes an unexpected twist with crumbled Pop-Tarts. The sweet snack can be pressed around the base of a pie dish and be used to hold the fillings for your next dessert. Plus, with so many flavors of Pop-Tarts to choose from, you won't easily tire of this creative culinary hack. 

Simply place untoasted pop tarts into a food processor and blend. The mixture can then be pressed into a buttered pie dish or tray that has been lined with a sheet of parchment paper, not unlike other crumb-based pie crust recipes. You can use a kitchen utensil or the bottom of glassware to pack the Pop-Tarts evenly in the dish. Once the crumbs are uniformly distributed, bake the Pop-Tart crust until browned, then cool as you ready your filling for inclusion into the pie party. 

A sweet shortcut for tasty pie crust

Using Pop-Tarts to make your next pie crust can result in a chewy, colorful base that provides not only a pop of color (depending on which flavor you use) but also a sweet, jammy bite that is distinctive to this resourceful recipe. Whether you reach for brown sugar cinnamon or pumpkin pie, you can match the flavors of your Pop-Tart crust with the pie you intend to make. 

Complement an easy raspberry pie recipe with a pie crust made from frosted cherry or frosted maple Pop-Tarts, or amplify your go-to apple pie recipe with a sweet crust made from frosted crisp apple Pop-Tarts. Since Pop-Tart pie crust is so easy to put together, you can spend the rest of your time making whipped cream from scratch, homemade vanilla ice cream, or simply focus on preparing the other dishes you intend to serve for tonight's dinner.