The Quick Trick For Making Small-Batch Whipped Cream

Have you ever been in a dessert situation where you only needed a little bit of whipped cream? In such a case, some would go through with the arduous task of pulling out an electric hand mixer and a large bowl, but most of us skip the whipped topping altogether. Well, what if we told you that there was an easier way to prepare whipped cream without having mountains of it left over? All you need is a small, narrow vessel like a cup and an immersion blender. If you have this equipment on hand, you could make a small serving of whipped cream without wasting cups of cream and having loads of dishes to do.

Believe it or not, immersion blenders whip cream just as efficiently as stand mixers and whisks (trust us, we've tried many ways of making whipped cream). The only difference is that the blades tend to be on the smaller side. This makes them suitable for little amounts of cream, which is perfect for this scenario.

How to prepare a small amount of whipped cream

First, grab a cup or jar and pour a small serving worth of cream; this could range anywhere from ¼ cup to ¾ cup of cream. Then, use the immersion blender to aerate it for about one to two minutes. Gradually add in some granulated sugar between pulses and turn the cup around slowly so that the blender agitates every part of the cream. You should have a cup full of whipped cream in no time.

Using a narrow container over a large bowl helps in several ways. It keeps the cream from flying all over the place, and it makes a small serving of cream taller in the glass. This way, the immersion blender will actually become submerged, whipping the cream effectively. If you were to use a larger bowl, the small serving of cream would lie like a shallow puddle at the bottom, and the immersion blender blades won't reach it at all. Furthermore, an immersion blender has no cover, so having a container with higher walls (like a cup) will minimize splattering. This quick trick can solve many of your dessert needs, whether you need whipped cream for a cup of hot chocolate or you want to make a quick strawberry shortcake.