Tangy Ingredients Are The Key For A Perfectly Balanced Salmon Steak Salad

A king among fish, salmon is widely eaten and loved. Its sturdy texture and appetizing taste allow it to be prepared in vastly different ways from other fish. Roasting and air-frying salmon to enjoy on its own is great, but it's the perfect ingredient for bulking up salads. To make the most out of your salmon salad, pair it with tangy ingredients.

Salmon is on the delicate side, with undertones of buttery richness that make it palatable to almost everyone. Compared to its seafood counterparts like mackerel, tuna, or sardines, salmon doesn't have an overtly "fishy" flavor. Its mildness allows it to be paired with bold, tangy salad ingredients. Enduring the strong taste of oily sardines and a red wine vinegar dressing is too much for even the most adventurous foodie.

Though salmon can also be oily, its milder flavor allows it to taste like almost anything you want it to be. Play up its sweetness with a glaze to balance out tangy goat cheese or simplify salmon with a few herbs to allow pickled red onions to shine. Salmon's tender versatility gives you the freedom to experiment with salad ingredients in a way that not many proteins are able to.

How to season salmon to pair with tangy salads

Draw out the flavors of this simple baked honey citrus salmon with an even tangier salad. The recipe opts for orange rather than lemon, giving the salmon a sweeter, slightly zesty flavor. Serve the salmon on a bed of baby kale for a bitter balance, and toss with crumbled blue cheese, walnuts, and dried cranberries. For the dressing, mix peppery olive oil with a small squeeze of lemon juice.

Swap out tuna in a colorful Ni├žoise salad for buttery salmon instead. A drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of Herbs de Provence is enough for baked or air-fried salmon. Once the salmon cools, flake it apart and add to the salad. Eaten between bites of green beans, potatoes, and sliced eggs tossed in a tangy vinaigrette, herby salmon is perfect for this salad.

To allow the flavors of this spring harvest farro salad to stand out, season salmon with only salt, black pepper, and a splash of lemon juice. Focusing on the mild, buttery nuances of salmon allows it to mesh beautifully with the earthy asparagus and farro, as well as fragrant mint and parsley. Punctuated with sweet cranberries and salty feta, the salmon's mild flavor takes a backseat to prop up this flavorful salad.