Cut Eggs Into Ribbons For An Easy Addition To Your Favorite Dishes

Eggs have boundless capabilities for culinary and nutritional enrichment. Packed full of protein, fat, and nutrients, eggs have long been a favorite breakfast ingredient to fuel our day, a rich thickening agent for pasta sauces and soup, and a binding and rising agent for cakes, cookies, croquettes, and meatballs. Egg ribbons are yet another way to enjoy them, offering a novel shape and aesthetic to upgrade your favorite dishes. Similar to the trendy spiralized zoodles or carrots, egg ribbons have many applications, from pasta substitutes to salad toppers. However, their noodle-like appearance, rich flavor, and chewy yet fluffy texture are much more satisfying and substantial than ribboned vegetables. Plus, their airy fluff will absorb sauces and seasonings beautifully.

Despite the dainty name, egg ribbons are super-easy to make, requiring no fancy equipment. You'll fashion egg ribbons out of a crepe-thin circular egg omelet. Simply scramble one or two eggs in a separate bowl before pouring them into a heated, lightly oiled pan or skillet, tilting it to create an even egg coating over the entire surface. After two minutes over medium heat, the thin omelet should easily slide out of the pan and onto a cutting board. Once the omelet is cool enough to handle, roll it up and begin chopping the thin spherical roll width-wise into quarter or eighth-inch rounds. You can fully or partially unfurl the rounds into fettuccine-shaped egg noodles or cut them in half for a more bite-sized length.

How to use egg ribbons

Egg ribbons give you the same ample versatility as eggs while also providing a show-stopping presentation. For an even tastier and more visually stunning result, add fresh or dried spices, herbs, and aromatics to the scramble for flavored, variably colored egg ribbons. They're the perfect high-protein, gluten-free, and carb-free substitute for regular pasta. You can toss them in your favorite pasta sauce and garnish them with fresh herbs and parmesan cheese.

You can also use them instead of rice noodles to stir fry with veggies and other proteins for a low-carb take on pad Thai, chow mein, or drunken noodles. Even if you wanted to keep the noodles, egg ribbons would still be a flavorful addition and textural upgrade to the dish. By the same token, they'd make a visually and texturally appealing addition to fried rice.

Place them in a grain bowl or fresh salad for a beautiful pop of color — you can make a rainbow bowl by arranging egg ribbon, sliced avocados, seared red cabbage, roasted sweet potatoes, and quinoa in a circular spiral, drizzling with sriracha or tahini sauce. Use egg ribbons to top brothy soups like ramen or pho with daikon radishes, cilantro, and chives. They'll quickly absorb the umami-packed broth. To retain their chewy texture and avoid water-logging, add egg ribbons to individual bowls of soup right before serving.