A Salt Water Spray Will Amp Up The Flavor Of Bland Chips

Chips aren't the most gourmet snack in the world, and they really only need to fulfill two expectations: be crunchy and be salty. While they may easily achieve the former requirement, some chips fall woefully short of the latter. If your chips don't meet your saline quota, use a salt water spray to fix it.

Taking a bite of food only to discover that it's not seasoned enough is an all too common experience. With most things like eggs or pasta, it's an easy fix — just sprinkle a little more salt on top. However, chips have a hardened texture that make tossing salt on them and expecting it to stick all but impossible. Instead, use a salt water spray to give your chips the salty boost they need. What sounds like a product that delivers a gorgeous, textured wavy hairdo actually gives chips a nice savory coating.

It's a simple combination of just salt and water, so the mineral dissolves into the liquid and spritzes out of a spray bottle with ease. Once it lands on your chips, it's soon absorbed, aided by a few minutes in the oven. With just a few spritzes, you'll have chips with a sodium level that's been adjusted to your liking. There's no special item you need to purchase to do this. Whether you're using pink Himalayan or seasoned, any type of fine salt will do. Just stir it in hot water and allow it to cool before bottling it up.

Try these other methods to spice up bland chips

Even if a bag of chips contains your preferred sodium content, sometimes they just need a bit of primping. You don't need to run over to the corner store to buy an entirely new bag of chips when there are ways to add flavor to the plain ones you already have. Rather than using water, toss chips in olive oil to help seasonings stick to the surface. Once they're evenly coated, sprinkle salt, black pepper, and parmesan for savory, extra crispy chips.

Sprucing up chips with a bit of vegetable oil and your favorite spices is a potato chip hack you need to know. When craving something spicy, add salt, chili powder, onion powder, and ground oregano to chips before placing them in the oven. If you're not in the mood to add an abundance of seasonings to your snack, coat them in some pesto. It's easier than making pesto parmesan chips from scratch, and the herbaceous sauce gives potato chips a savory bite with a simple toss.