Use Canned Black Bean Soup For An Easy Burrito Shortcut

Spoonfuls of black beans are a common ingredient in all sorts of burritos from breakfast burritos with eggs to vegetarian ones with bell peppers and other veggies. You might use canned black beans because it's much easier and quicker than cooking black beans from scratch, but if you want more flavor, use canned black bean soup as an alternative. The main difference between canned black beans and canned black bean soup is that the latter is already seasoned, so it will provide much more flavor to your burritos. 

For reference, some types of canned black bean soups include vegetables like bell peppers and onions flavored with spices while canned black beans usually only contain beans and water. You're getting more flavor and ingredients for less money and work — and it's still quicker than making a homemade pot of black beans! It's also a surefire way to use that can of black bean soup that's been sitting in the back of your cabinet for far too long. This technique also works with tacos and quesadillas.

Making quick burritos with black bean soup

There's a little prep work involved with using canned black bean soup in burritos because it first needs to be thickened. There are a couple of different ways you can do this. The easiest way is to simmer it in a pot over low heat, which will allow it to thicken up as the liquid evaporates. If the soup isn't thickening, or you want to speed up the process, make a slurry by combining water with a couple of teaspoons of cornstarch or flour, then add it to the pot. 

If your black bean soup is too chunky or includes whole beans, purée some of it to get a better texture and help with the consistency. Canned black bean soup is flavorful on its own, especially when paired with other ingredients like zesty salsa or chunky guacamole on a burrito. However, it's easy to add more flavor or kick up the heat of the soup while it's thickening in the pot. 

Add a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce if you like smoky heat, or add some pickled jalapeños. If you like meaty flavor, add cubed cooked ham or pieces of bacon. You can also simply add a dash of your favorite hot sauce for a kick of spice or cubes of cream cheese for a creamier consistency before it goes into your burrito with avocado, rice, grilled meat, or other flavorful fillings.