Fried Grapes Give Sauteed Kale A Crispy Burst Of Sweet Flavor

As healthy as kale might be, the green, hardy ingredient can take a bit of work to be made into dishes that all the diners at your table will enjoy. Whether you have tried massaging kale leaves or have dressed a kale salad with drizzled honey-enhanced balsamic vinegar, there's one inclusion you may have overlooked when it comes to making a delicious kale-based dish: fried grapes. 

The sweetness of the grapes elevates the savory kale, to make an unusual side dish of spicy kale with fried grapes. To prepare grapes for their introduction to the greens, halve and de-seed at least a cup of the fruit and cook in heated olive oil over medium heat. To invite extra savory flavor into the side-dish party, caramelize some onion before adding in the grapes, or simply focus on frying the grapes and salt lightly. You can use the same pan to saute your washed kale and any additional ingredients like red pepper flakes, chopped walnuts, or olives. Gently stir the ingredients together until the kale becomes soft, then set into a bowl to serve. 

An easy addition to elevate dishes

While slicing grapes and dropping them into a salad brings a fresh burst of sweetness, taking the extra effort to fry the juicy orbs can make average recipes pop. The delicate fruits not only add textural dimension to mouthfuls of kale but also offer a hint of sweetness that can make healthy eating irresistible. Once you've tried combining fried grapes in kale salads, you may also find yourself sneaking them into other recipes to enjoy. Fried grapes can make a tasty addition to open-faced sandwiches, morning bowls of oatmeal, or one-pan chicken recipes, particularly with the addition of tangy balsamic.

Experiment with using different kinds of grapes to fry in your pan and use spices like cinnamon and freshly ground black pepper and herbs like rosemary and thyme to flavor your creations. You may want to make more than you need and place any excess into a small dish to enjoy as a snack or to quickly sprinkle into other dishes you have planned for the week.