Soak Grapes In Whiskey And Cinnamon For A Boozy Snack

Delicious fruit snacks aren't just for kids at school lunches. Just think of how good it would be to bite into fresh, juicy grapes covered in dustings of cinnamon and sugar and sweetened with honey — after they've been soaked in your choice of alcohol. Soaking grapes in whiskey and seasoning them with cinnamon will have you reaching for more handfuls (but be warned: They pack a boozy punch)! On Instagram, creator Nadia Aidi likens the treat to an edible, colder version of a hot toddy. Whether speared and presented during cocktail hour or stashed away for afternoon slumps, these delightful bites deliver when it comes to flavor and texture. 

To make this refreshing treat, first puncture a batch of washed grapes to ensure that each piece of fruit can soak up as much alcohol as possible. Then, submerge the pierced fruit with your choice of bourbon or whiskey and let the grapes bask in their alcoholic bath overnight. To serve these orbs of delight, separate them from their boozy marinade, then coat the grapes with honey or your sweetener of choice and a splash of lemon juice before placing the fruit into the freezer for an additional hour or two. It's time to bring a more mature taste to snacking with boozy pieces of fruit.

The combinations are endless for these booze-laced fruit snacks

Boozy grapes are not only the kind of recipe that will have you looking forward to cocktail hour, but whiskey or bourbon-soaked fruit can be your newest addition to the food table at tonight's party. Create individual portions in dishes or stack grapes on top of each other and hold them in place with a skewer before dusting your culinary creations with a mix of cinnamon and sugar or a salty pumpkin pie spice blend to suit your palate. For more savory cravings, consider experimenting with Tajín or smoked paprika.

Once you've mastered the basic recipe to make booze-soaked fruit, put your unique spin on the cold treats by matching different kinds of alcohol with unique spices and flavors, or try coating the frozen grapes in chocolate to make a sweet dessert for adult palates. You can also use the frozen boozy pieces to add a flavorful coolness to cocktails. Whatever alcohol you've drained while making the grapes can also be used to make another batch — or incorporated into your next cocktail for a fruit infusion that will leave guests asking for all of your bartending secrets.