Shake Shack's Christmas Cookie Shake Is Back In Time For The Holidays

On December 13, 2023, fast-casual burger chain Shake Shack announced that it was bringing back the Christmas Cookie Shake. The shake, which features a sugar cookie frozen custard decked with whipped cream and sprinkles, has been a cult favorite for years. "It's a Christmas miracle," one fan commented on the brand's Instagram announcement. Even Facebook is a fan of the sugary shake — or, at least, someone on their marketing team is. The social media giant's official Instagram account replied to the post with an enthusiastic, all-caps "HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO ME."

According to Shake Shack, the Christmas Cookie Shake will be available at all U.S. locations for a limited time — with the exception of stadiums and airports. Even though it won't stick around for long, there's hope that the drink could someday become a year-round menu item. After one Instagram user commented, "Make it a year round flavor pls," the brand's official account replied, "Taking notes — we'd never say never!"

Shake Shack's rotating menu features frequent collaborations

While the Christmas Cookie Shake is a seasonal menu item for now, fans didn't have to wait long since the last time it was on the menu. In November, the chain released a version of the shake as part of a holiday partnership with the recent Trolls movie, "Trolls Band Together." The Trolls shake, called Poppy's Sugar Cookie Shake, was inspired by the character Poppy. Topped with whipped cream and a cloud of pink and blue cotton candy, the shake was meant to mimic the character's colorful, sky-high hairdo. In a fun pun on Poppy's name, the festive drink also featured cookie dough pop candy mixed into the frozen custard.

Purists may welcome the return of the original Christmas Cookie Shake, but Trolls fans will be happy to hear that Poppy's Sugar Cookie Shake is still on the menu. On Instagram, the brand told a curious commenter that there was "no set date" when they'd retire the Trolls menu, but stated, "We hope to have these around through the new year."

If neither version strikes your fancy, check back — Shake Shack regularly collaborates with brands, media properties, and chefs to introduce unique, creative products. It recently collaborated with the "Hot Ones" web series and launched a promo for the "Super Mario Bros." movie. The chain works with chefs for local events, too, like a recent collaboration for Miami Art Week that featured a menu curated by chefs Valerie and Nando Chang.