The Delicious Secret Of Shake Shack's Burgers Is All In The Crust

If Shake Shack is your go-to fast food restaurant when you're craving a hamburger, then you know that the company's cooks sure know how to make a good burger. But, even if you think the burgers are delicious, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what makes them stand out from other fast food burgers. Well, to find out, Tasting Table spoke to an expert: John Karangis, the Executive Chef and Vice President of Culinary Innovation at Shake Shack.

Specifically, at Shake Shack, you can expect a crispy crust on each burger patty — something that Karangis says is essential. To achieve this, the cooks flip the burger patties, which are handled with precision, only one time. Karangis explained, "When a guest orders a burger, and never before they order it, we press each patty firmly on a very hot flat top grill. The pressing on the grill helps us achieve a very deep caramelization, crisp exterior, and superior flavor profile."

Shake Shack does not add extra fat to its burgers

The method of cooking — pressing firmly, then only flipping once — certainly contributes to the resulting texture of the Shake Shack burger patty being crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. But it isn't the only factor in achieving that perfect texture — the ingredients of the patty also play a role. John Karangis explained that they don't add any extra fat to the burger patties, which is key when it comes to both flavor and consistency.

He continued, "We simply rely on the inherent fat in our custom blend to do the trick for us. Not adding additional fat allows us to achieve our desired flavor, crisp exterior, and moist interior." With this method, the burgers come out juicy and extremely flavorful — despite having a simple seasoning of just salt and pepper. Plus, this burger cooking method creates the crispy crust of the burger patty, which is a telltale sign of a good burger.