Kombucha Is The Secret To A Flavorful And Tender Steak

What are the hallmarks of a perfect steak? Juicy and tender, with an incredible flavor to boot. To accomplish all this, it only takes one ingredient — and if you're fond of following health trends, then it's probably in your fridge. Use kombucha as the secret to delicious steak that falls off the bone.

While the simple act of marinating is known to deliver tender meat, the ingredients you use matter. From Greek yogurt to vinegar, acids are known to soften meat. Composed of tea, yeast, beneficial bacteria, and sugar, kombucha sits on the lower side of the pH scale, which means it is acidic. So steeping a slab of steak in the fermented drink for a few hours will result in a juicier steak. Just don't leave it sitting for more than 24 hours, or else it can end up being too soft or chewy.

Since store-bought kombucha comes pre-flavored, you can use it by itself or combine it with other ingredients to create a zesty marinade. Try strawberry kombucha for a sweet, punchy steak or keep it simple with ginger kombucha, olive oil, and a few herbs. Either way, you're sure to get an exceptional piece of steak.

Use these kombucha flavors for your next steak marinade

Lighten up a robust cut of steak with a mint and lime kombucha. Mixed together with chili oil, thyme, garlic, and crushed bay leaves, this herbaceous, zesty concoction uplifts any piece of steak. Grill the steak for a smokier taste and serve with a grilled watermelon salad or on top of this Mexican kale salad.

Enrich your next ribeye with turmeric kombucha's zesty, peppery bite. The earthy, spicy drink is brought to life with the addition of blended ginger and cilantro. Add coconut oil, lemongrass, and a splash of coconut milk for creaminess and further tenderization of the meat.

For a slightly sweet yet warm profile, infuse your steak with an apple-based kombucha. Reminiscent of apple cider vinegar, this kombucha flavor provides the perfect marinade base for steak. Bring the heat with chili powder, peppery Dijon mustard, rosemary, and ground sage. After grilling the steak, serve the rich, tangy beef with a roasted butternut squash flatbread.