11 Best Kombucha Brands To Try

Kombucha, when you get down to it, is a fermented, sweetened tea. It's made using a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) which looks quite a bit like a cross between a mushroom and jellyfish. Sugar is a crucial component for brewing kombucha because, like all yeast and bacteria, it like to feast on sugar. The sweetened tea then ferments with the SCOBY, and it breaks down the sugar into alcohol, acids, and carbon dioxide which gives kombucha its unique tangy flavor. Well, if that description doesn't make you want to chuck down a fizzing glass of bacteria tea, then we don't know what will.

For newcomers, kombucha may seem like an earthy-crunchy, drinkable sparkling vinegar that your hipster friends can't seem to get enough of. What an odd concept, fermented tangy tea that feels like a swift kick to the tongue. But kombucha lovers will tell you, the sparkling beverage takes refined taste buds to enjoy, and the health benefits are out of this world. Like sour beer and coffee, kombucha is an acquired taste, and the range of flavors to choose from is endless. Whether you're a kombucha veteran or a newbie, check out the best kombucha brands to try. Each brand has its own unique spin on the drink, along with varying flavors to choose from.

The health benefits

Yes, the concept of drinking bacteria sounds rather ... disgusting, if not understood correctly. As it turns out, our guts need good bacteria in order to thrive and keep a balanced microbiome in sync. Ever heard that yogurt helps to keep our guts in check? Yogurt is a fermented product just like kombucha, which is why it contains so many good bacteria. So, if you think about it, it's no odder than enjoying a dollop of yogurt in your bowl of fruit in the morning.

There are plenty of health benefits associated with drinking kombucha, and a healthy gut does more for your body than just help to regulate digestion. Probiotics, which promote healthy gut bacteria, help to balance the bad bacteria that can enter your body and make you sick. The more good bacteria in your system, the less of a chance you have of falling ill from the bad bacteria by keeping it from entering your bloodstream. Good bacteria can aid digestion, build immunity, and reduce inflammation which causes disease. A balanced gut promotes heart health, lung health, and even mental health. What can't kombucha do?

What to look for when buying kombucha

Although kombucha may seem like a modern trendy drink to be consumed alongside chickpea pasta and avocado toast, it's actually quite ancient. The fermented drink has been around since 220 B.C.E., originating first in Northeast China and was later introduced to the rest of the world through trade expansion. However, it wasn't mainstream until the last few decades in the western world. Today, bottled kombucha can be found in almost any grocery store across the United States.

Since it became commoditized, we have been flooded with a plethora of brands, flavors, and options to choose from. When selecting which kombucha is right for you, there are a few green flags to look for. You shouldn't spring for herbal tea kombucha unless you can't handle caffeine. Black, oolong, and green tea are best. All kombucha is made with some form of sugar, whether that be cane sugar or sugar from fruit juice. Look for kombucha with a low sugar content if you're trying to stay health conscious. True kombucha should be unpasteurized and refrigerated. See that cloudy pool at the bottom? That is an indicator of good bacteria, and it's something to look for when selecting a brand. Last but not least, consider flavor. There are so many options on the market, go with something you know you'll like to start, and then branch out from there. If you're still lost, check out these best kombucha brands to try.


Not all kombucha is created equal, and Health-Ade is a clear champion of the industry. The mission-led family-run business cares about not only producing a health-promoting product but also educating its customer base about the importance of creating a balanced gut microbiome. A wife, husband, and best friend started this company by selling their organic kombucha at farmer's markets. They remain devoted to keeping their supportive community feel by giving back to underserved communities, decreasing their carbon footprint and water use, and reducing waste by using recycled materials for shipping.

With Health-Ade available in popular grocery stores across the country and through direct-to-customer e-commerce, there is nobody in the United States that can't access its bubbly goodness. The company offers its standard kombucha in a variety of flavors, along with a "glow-up" version that includes added functional ingredients for gut health.  Although there are a variety of flavors to choose from, these black and green tea combos range anywhere from Spicy Ginger, to Bubbly Rose.

Brew Dr.

Being the first major kombucha producer to become a Certified B Corporation, Brew Dr. prides itself in putting its values, causes, and the environment above all else. The folks there run an almost carbon-neutral operation and have a plan in place to take it all the way by 2030. Brew Dr. donates heavily to both environmental and social groups, uses 100% renewable energy, and the bottles are made from partially recycled glass.

The company was started by Matt Thomas, who began making kombucha in the basement of his teahouse. It was so popular that he and a few friends decided to bottle it and sell it, and today they run a 50,000-square-foot brewery that distributes nationwide.

Brew Dr. keeps things sweet by using real organic fruit juices. With popular flavors like Island Mango, Citrus Earl Grey, and Wildberry Ginger, there's a bottle to fit any flavor preference. And if you're not satisfied with the selection, Brew Dr. is open to flavor suggestions on its website. Each bottle is made with a wide range of both caffeinated and herbal teas, usually including a mix of the two. The company is also certified Kosher and labels its product as having the alcohol extracted. You can find Brew Dr. in popular grocery stores and co-ops across the country.


GT Dave grew up with an Eastern philosophy of healing, and after watching his mother recover from aggressive breast cancer, all the while drinking kombucha, he began creating and bottling small batches of the fermented beverage. Today, GT's Kombucha is one of the most popular bottled kombucha brands in the world.

With several lines to choose from, GT's popular Synergy line is made with 100% real organic fruit juice, and never includes added cane sugars. Instead, each culture is fed kiwi juice. The brand also offers a heartier option stuffed to the brim with chia seeds. GT's Classic Kombucha is made with real cane sugar, and trace amounts of alcohol. Today, you can choose from a variety of fermented products from the company including a coconut-based probiotic yogurt, an ancient mushroom elixir, South American probiotic water, and wellness shots. Look for GT's Synergy and Class Kombucha in grocery stores and co-ops nationwide in the refrigerator section.

Rowdy Mermaid

With perhaps one of the most creative names around, Rowdy Mermaid was started in a garage by founder Jamba Dunn who was determined to create a kombucha that didn't taste so ... "kombucha-y." His goal was to make a more accessible version of the drink that was less sugary, vinegary, less caffeinated, less acidic, and safer overall for consumption. With the help of his daughter who was inspired to add herbs from their garden, they created a company that matched their vision. With female empowerment, gender equality, inclusivity, and sustainability at its core, Rowdy Mermaid is a solid kombucha pick.

With healing botanicals and herbs like hibiscus, chamomile, turmeric, and fenugreek, each bottle is chock full of health benefits. With plenty of caffeine-free options, Rowdy Mermaid is for everyone, although pregnant women and individuals taking prescription medication should check with their care provider about introducing herbs, unpasteurized ingredients, and naturally occurring medicinals into their diets.


Humm was created by a home brewer who simply loved making kombucha after being introduced to the craft by her mother-in-law. She and her friend decided it was good enough to sell, so the pair began bringing it door-to-door milk-man style. They then expanded to farmer's markets and started selling it on tap. Today, Humm is sold in stores across the United States. These "Kombucha Mamas" have several lines with a focus on reduced sugar.

The original kombucha includes 0 grams of added sugar, as the cane sugar is removed during the brewing process. With flavors like Elderberry, Hopped Grapefruit, and even one called Magical Lemon Cupcake, it is never a dull moment for Humm's customers when it comes to variety, which is one of the reasons we love this brand. Vitamin B12 is added for a little extra kick, and this kombucha can be brought on the go because no refrigeration is needed.


Using a base of organic oolong and green teas, Kosmic Kombucha is unique in the sense that the brand does not feed its SCOBY cane sugar, but instead it uses other natural sweeteners like agave, maple syrup, and local honey. With added nutrient boosters like wheatgrass, spirulina, elderflower, and parsley in select flavors, it's all about health when it comes to the Kosmic way of life. Unlike other companies, Kosmic makes a savory flavor option mimicking a Bloody Mary, available only at exclusive locations noted on the brand's site.

Unique flavors include Salty Dog, Black Magic, Mint Julep, and Purple Haze, but there are also a few safer bets like Local Lemon Love, Cherry Bomb, and Ginger Spice for those feeling less adventurous. Currently, Kosmic Kombucha is available in Austin, Texas, so next time you are in the neighborhood, use the online Kosmic Kombucha locator to find it bottled or on tap.

Holy Kombucha

Holy Kombucha ferments its tea in small batches and uses only organically sourced ingredients. The brand's mission, besides creating a healthy, probiotic beverage, is to raise awareness about teenage suicide, a cause that hits close to home. The brand has partnered with Hope Squad, a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program that hopes to support the declining mental health of the next generation. This company is more than just tea; they are a team of caring people with a purpose unique to the kombucha scene.

Because of the brand's wish for transparency, each flavor is brewed with very few ingredients. You won't find a long list of chemicals, preservatives, and additives here. Just raw kombucha mixed with fruit juices and botanicals. Enjoy flavors like Blood Orange, Green Apple Ginger, and Hibiscus Sangria. Luckily, this brand is available for you to buy at common retailers across the U.S. like Whole Foods Market.

B-tea Kombucha

B-tea is adamant about its core values: health, vitality, honesty, transparency, and choice. By supporting sustainable farming practices, raising awareness about health issues, and ensuring its product is of top quality, B-tea upholds its beliefs in practice. Unlike most companies, it uses BPA-free, UV-protected plastic bottles, and its pro-biotic teas do not require refrigeration. The bottles are both reusable, and 100% recyclable. This brand, based in the Czech Republic, sells its product directly to customers with free shipping and even sells on Amazon.

B-tea Kombucha is both organic and Kosher certified and is made in small-batch brews. Flavors include classics like Raspberry, Clarity, and Original. Although the flavor options are limited, that doesn't deter B-tea from brewing some of the best kombuchas around. There is even a team of nutrition experts devoted to helping the company create a health-based probiotic tea that customers will love. With over 20 years of experience, B-tea knows how to brew.

Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha

While most kombucha companies are focused solely on the health benefits of probiotics, Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha takes another approach. Prebiotics are often overlooked when it comes to gut health but are just as important to achieving a balanced gut microbiome. Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha includes plant fibers that the body can't digest called xylooligosaccharides, which stimulate the growth of good bacteria.

Available in four refreshing flavors including Asian Pear and Ginger, Ginger Peach, Green Tea, Lemon, and Tropical Mango, Wonder Drink knows what it's doing when it comes to health. This non-alcoholic version of kombucha is low in sugar and certified organic. Any order of Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha over $15 includes free shipping.

Still curious about kombucha? Luckily, founder Stephen Lee knows a thing or two about fermented tea and wrote a book on it, called "Kombucha Revolution: 75 Recipes for Homemade Brews, Fixers, Elixirs, and Mixers."

Better Booch Kombucha

Founder Trey started brewing homemade kombucha when his sister was diagnosed with cancer. Knowing the medicinal properties of the probiotic tea, he was determined to make a healing drink. After her successful recovery, Trey wanted to bring healing to the masses and partnered with a microbiologist and chemist to create what we know today as Better Booch Kombucha. The partners were also sick of sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages dominating the "fancy drink" scene and wanted to popularize a healthier option for get-togethers, picnics, barbecues, and celebrations. Because everyone loves a good toast, and we love kombucha, this is a great drink to put out at a party or brunch with friends.

Better Booch ships directly to customers all over the United States, and carries a wide variety of flavors including Ginger Boost, Morning Glory, Citrus Sunrise, and Hibiscus Healer. Better Booch Kombucha is organic and Kosher certified.


KeVita is another brand you may have come across in your everyday grocery shopping excursions, or seen a friend drinking it and wondered what it was. Founder and certified nutritionist, Chakra Earthsong, designed an entire army of probiotic beverages, including her Master Brew Kombucha. This fermented beverage has a bold yet smooth taste, is made with organic ingredients, and is alcohol-free. With 10 heavenly flavors including Blackberry Hops, Blueberry Basil, and Lavender Melon, each sip is filled with billions of live probiotics. KeVita is jam-packed with nutrients, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and some additions like stevia and maple syrup for extra sweetness.

KeVita kombucha contains green coffee bean extract, giving it a little extra kick of caffeine coupled with organic teas. Not in the mood for the tangy sweet taste of Kombucha? Check out KeVita's other probiotic beverages, including the Sparkling Probiotic Drink, Herbal Spritzers, and Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic.