Wrap Brussels Sprouts In Puff Pastry For A Salty, Buttery Kick

You might typically wrap cocktail sausages in puff pastry for pigs in a blanket, but we've got an idea for a veggie version of the appetizer or snack that is just as delicious. Instead of sausages, use Brussels sprouts to get a burst of salty and buttery flavors. You can use a variety of seasonings and pair them with dips like a zesty mustard, just like you might with traditional pigs in a blanket. The result is a delicious starter, especially if you want to cut down on your meat intake, or you have to serve vegetarian guests at a cocktail or dinner party.

To lean into the ongoing Brussels sprouts trend, let's take a look at our original recipe for parmesan pastry-wrapped Brussels sprouts from Tasting Table recipe developer Katie Rosenhouse. In the recipe, Rosenhouse pairs grated Parmesan cheese with the Brussels sprouts before wrapping them in puff pastry. "The smokiness of the roasted Brussels sprouts pairs so nicely with the umami flavor of Parmesan cheese, enhanced with salt and pepper, and wrapped in crisp puff pastry for that traditional pigs in a blanket presentation," says Rosenhouse.

Tips for making pastry-wrapped Brussels sprouts

You can get creative with different seasonings and variations of pastry-wrapped Brussels sprouts. Regardless of which direction you take, roast the mini cabbages first so the veggies start to cook through before wrapping them in the puff pastry. Otherwise, the puff pastry might burn before the sprouts are properly cooked. For prepping, Rosenhouse recommends halving large sprouts, but you can keep them whole if they're on the smaller side. Just don't forget to wash them, then trim the ends before wrapping them in puff pastry.

Do you like the idea of this recipe but don't want to skip the meat? Wrap the sprouts in prosciutto and puff pastry for salty and meaty profiles. You can also forgo the carbs and simply wrap the Brussels sprouts in bacon. If you want more forward cheese flavors, sprinkle the puff pastry with grated Parmesan instead of using it on the veggies. Sprinkle everything bagel seasoning if you like it on regular pigs in a blanket, or go with a dash of sesame or poppy seeds. For dipping, use Rosenhouse's suggestions of maple mustard or cranberry dipping sauce, keep it simple with yellow or spicy brown mustard, or make a sriracha mayo or spicy ketchup for a kick of heat.