The Right Way To Drink Tequila, According To An Expert

Tequila, a Mexican distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant and primarily produced in the state of Jalisco (where its namesake town of Tequila can be found), is steeped in tradition and rich in flavor. It's no wonder it has long been a staple in bars and homes worldwide. But is there a right way to drink tequila

Jaime Salas, the Head of Advocacy, Agave at Proximo Spirits, shares insights with Tasting Table on how to savor this Mexican spirit best, transforming every sip into a refined experience. Salas emphasizes the importance of glassware in your tequila-tasting experience. He states, "Use tequila flutes for a proper sipping experience. This is the best way to enjoy tequila when sipped neat to experience the full breadth of flavors and aromas." 

These flutes are designed to accentuate tequila's nuanced aromas and flavors. But what about those who don't have tequila flutes on hand? In that case, Salas recommends sipping tequila in champagne flutes. Sipping tequila from either tequila or champagne flutes will provide a more immersive and comprehensive tequila-tasting experience.

Always enjoy high-end tequila neat

Continuing his exploration of the optimal tequila experience, Jaime Salas delves into ultra-premium tequilas. His guidance is clear: To fully appreciate the intricate flavors of high-end tequilas, sip them neat, at room temperature, and without ice or other mix-ins. Salas explains, "Ultra-premium tequilas like Mexico's crown jewel, Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo by Jose Cuervo, are best enjoyed sipped neat, like you would a whiskey or a Cognac, to fully enjoy the liquid's rich and sophisticated flavors."

This approach to tequila consumption shifts from the stereotypical image of tequila as a quick shot at parties. Instead, Salas urges enthusiasts to approach tequila with a connoisseur's mindset, savoring each nuance and subtle note. Sipping ultra-premium tequila neat elevates the drinker's experience and honors the meticulous process of tequila-making. Thus, enjoying tequila in a flute and appreciating it neat will help assert this spirit's rightful place among other sophisticated spirits.