Elevate Almost Any Classic Sandwich With Pickled Cherry Pepper Spread

Sandwiches are as much an art as they are a science. There are plenty of tips when it comes to making the perfect sandwich, from mastering the best way to stack a sandwich to properly seasoning tomatoes and other produce. None of these techniques matter, however, if you aren't nailing the flavors you want to taste when you bite into that beautiful meal. If you are finding that your sandwich staples are getting a little bit stale, add a bit of cherry pepper spread to make them taste brand new.

Cherry pepper spread, or cherry pepper relish, is a condiment made from small, red peppers that are similar to pimento peppers. The peppers are pickled in a solution of vinegar and sugar, along with a hearty amount of garlic and sometimes onion. The result is a soft, almost jammy topping with a pop of sweetness, as well as a noticeable heat that can be easily slathered onto bread and enjoyed.

How to use pickled cherry pepper spread

This spread is most commonly seen on deli-style sandwiches, like in this classic Italian sub sandwich recipe adapted from Curtis Stone. In fact, it's so popular for this application that it can often be found in stores under the name hoagie spread or hoagie relish. The condiment brings to the table an extra dose of moisture and a punch of tangy flavor that is welcome in what could otherwise be a dry sandwich. It is also not uncommon to see it stirred into mayonnaise or cream cheese for an even richer dining experience.

Hoagies are not the only sandwich that would benefit from the desirable traits of this delectable addition, however. Its acidity is great for balancing heavier, greasier sandwiches that may need some contrast, such as a grilled cheese or even a burger. The spicy quality of the peppers also offers a savory intensity to sandwiches that might otherwise lean toward blandness, such as a tuna sandwich or a simple veggie sandwich.