Add More Flavor To Sandwiches Simply By Seasoning Your Tomatoes

Making a sandwich shouldn't be hard. All you need to do is stack your favorite fillings between two slices of bread and enjoy. Why then is the sandwich you make at home always a disappointment when compared to the one you order at a deli? The difference is no secret, and it is a change that you can easily make when crafting sandwiches in your own kitchen. To achieve a better flavor and texture, always be sure to season your tomatoes.

We have covered a wide variety of tips for making restaurant-quality sandwiches at home, and ensuring that all of your ingredients are well-seasoned is important. Tomatoes contain about 94% water, which can pose a problem during the sandwich-making process. If you don't season your tomatoes (with salt in particular), then these juicy flavor bombs risk making your sandwich soggy even if you're using a sturdy bread. Seasoning your tomatoes will draw out the produce's excess moisture, saving your bread while also concentrating and enhancing the tomato's flavor. As an extra benefit, the spices you add will readily cling to the surface of the tomato, meaning they will stay in place while you assemble and eat your meal.

How to properly season tomatoes

For the best results when preparing your tomatoes, follow these simple steps. First, slice your tomatoes, aiming for either thin or medium-thick slices. If you make slices that are too chunky, they will not only slide right out of your sandwich but will also have an improper tomato-to-seasoning ratio, hampering the taste. Place the tomato slices on a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture, then sprinkle the tomatoes with salt and any other seasonings you prefer. Leave the tomatoes to rest while assembling the beginnings of your sandwich so that the seasonings can work their magic, then add the tomatoes to the sandwich and dig in.

When selecting spices to add to a sandwich — especially one that centers around tomatoes as the star ingredient — be sure to pick seasonings that pair well with the tangy, umami flavors of the produce. One simple combination we love is a sprinkle of thyme and some freshly cracked black pepper. If you have a more adventurous palate, feel free to play around with options like spicy chili powder or intense smoked paprika. If you need even more advice when it comes to making the perfect sandwich, check out our sandwich stacking tips.