17 Asparagus Recipes You'll Be Raving About

Spring begins slowly, then comes on all at once. You may notice the sun setting a bit later, your cheeks warming in the afternoon sun for the first time in months, and the hopeful chirping of baby birds hungry for their first meal. But it's not officially spring until you start to see farm-fresh asparagus popping up at farmers' markets. Of all the delicate spring produce you can choose from, asparagus may be the most assertive, the most pungent — in a good way, of course. Although asparagus prices can be high most of the year, at the beginning of spring, it can be one of the most affordable vegetables in the produce aisle.

You've purchased a bunch of asparagus and brought it home. But now what? We've compiled a list of some of our all-time favorite asparagus recipes to give you some ideas for how you can use it in your own cooking. These recipes range from super simple side dishes to sophisticated plates you'd be proud to serve to dinner party guests. Let's take a closer look at just some of the recipes you can make when you have fresh asparagus on hand.

1. Cast Iron Charred Asparagus Tacos

Tacos may not be the first thing you'd think to make after picking up some asparagus but believe us when we say that you have to try these Cast Iron Charred Asparagus Tacos. Cooking the asparagus on high heat gives it that beautiful, slightly crunchy char that transforms the flavor from fresh and green to intense and savory.

Once you're done cooking the asparagus, you'll get the chance to fill your tacos with toppings like corn, avocado, tomatoes, and more. Don't be afraid to get creative with what you add to the dish.

Recipe: Cast Iron Charred Asparagus Tacos

2. Asparagus and Morel Risotto

Asparagus is one of those seasonal veggies that we just have to buy once spring rolls around, but it's not the only one. If you want to go all out with the spring produce, pick up some morels while you're shopping for asparagus. These mushrooms are only available during the peak of spring, which is why you'll want to take advantage of them when you do find them.

The best way to enjoy asparagus and morels together? Put them in a creamy risotto. The earthy flavor of the morels offers a grounding counterpoint to the fresh greenness of the asparagus.

Recipe: Asparagus and Morel Risotto

3. Spring Harvest Farro Salad

We love salads of all varieties, but there's something about a carb-heavy salad that we'll never get enough of. If you're looking for a substantial salad that makes for a filling lunch or a flavorful side, try making this easy Spring Harvest Farro Salad.

In addition to asparagus, this salad boasts ingredients like dried cranberries, feta, and walnuts, all of which provide texture and flavor that elevates basic asparagus into something memorable. Another great thing about this salad? It keeps well in the fridge for a few days.

Recipe: Spring Harvest Farro Salad

4. Simple Roasted Asparagus

When it comes to fresh produce, you really don't have to overthink things. Keep it simple with this Roasted Asparagus recipe. It highlights asparagus at its best, and since it's super easy to make, you won't have to put a bunch of time and effort into a dish you aren't sure you'll enjoy.

This recipe requires just five minutes of prep work and then 20 minutes in the oven. Take your asparagus out, and you'll have a side dish that may just be even more memorable than the main course.

Recipe: Simple Roasted Asparagus

5. Cast Iron Pan-Fried Asparagus

Want your asparagus to taste as rich and as decadent as possible? If so, then you need to take a look at this recipe for Cast Iron Pan Fried Asparagus. Pan-frying asparagus gives it a crispy, almost crunchy texture and brings out its subtle sweetness.

You won't want to just throw the asparagus in a cast iron pan on its own, though. Because you're keeping things so simple, you'll want to dress up the flavor of the dish by adding garlic, lemon juice, and of course, salt and pepper.

Recipe: Cast Iron Pan-Fried Asparagus

6. Easy Cream of Asparagus Soup

Whether you're trying to make the first course of a dinner party menu or you're just looking for a light, refreshing recipe you can easily throw together for a quick lunch, you don't have to look any further than this recipe for Easy Cream of Asparagus Soup. It's savory, it's creamy, and it has a beautiful bright green color that looks just as good as it tastes.

Potatoes give this soup some bulk, and half and half provides that creamy texture you're going for. Don't forget the garlic and parsley for some extra flavor.

Recipe: Easy Cream of Asparagus Soup

7. Pickled Asparagus

You're probably used to eating asparagus grilled, roasted, sauteed, or even fried. But when was the last time you bit into some Pickled Asparagus? If you've never tried it before, you have to give this recipe a go — it only takes about 10 minutes of prep time to pull it off.

Once the asparagus is pickled, you'll be blown away by how delightfully sour and flavorful it is. Just a warning: If you try this simple recipe, you may never go back to cooked asparagus again.

Recipe: Pickled Asparagus

8. Chilled Asparagus Vichyssoise

Warm soup is great during the colder months of the year, but once spring rolls around, you probably don't want to be eating a lot of hot, steaming soup. That doesn't mean you have to give up on anything in a bowl for the next six months, though. Turn your fresh asparagus into a cold soup by making this Chilled Asparagus Vichyssoise.

This recipe tastes great, with the bold, green flavor of the asparagus really shining through all the other ingredients. But it's also perfectly Instagram-worthy with its bright green color and herby adornments.

Recipe: Chilled Asparagus Vichyssoise

9. Asparagus Goat Cheese Tart

There are few ingredients that pair with asparagus as well as goat cheese does, which is why we love this Asparagus Goat Cheese Tart recipe so much. The bright flavor and crumbly texture of goat cheese are the perfect accompaniment to the sharp green flavor of well-cooked asparagus, and when you put it all on bread? It's the perfect combo.

Make this tart for an appetizer or as a light dinner. If you have any leftovers, you can even eat them for breakfast. Add some hot sauce for a touch of heat and complexity.

Recipe: Asparagus Goat Cheese Tart

10. Sourdough Avocado Toast

You've probably tasted countless iterations of avocado toast in your life, ranging from the simple plain avocado on white bread numbers to the fancier versions outfitted with seemingly endless toppings. But have you ever tried avocado toast with asparagus?

If not, you have to give this recipe for Sourdough Avocado Toast a try. Asparagus spears form the bottom layer of the toast, on which the avocado and a poached egg are stacked. It's the perfect breakfast for a sunny spring morning.

Recipe: Sourdough Avocado Toast

11. Air Fryer Asparagus Fries

You've had sweet potato fries, yucca fries, maybe even cauliflower fries. But behold, the next fry in your repertoire: Asparagus Fries. With the help of some breading and an air fryer, you can turn a green vegetable into a decadent side dish that you'll want to eat every night of the week.

Using an air fryer is important here, as it allows the asparagus to crisp up beautifully with minimal work on your part. Now, you just have to figure out what kind of dip you want to enjoy with your fries.

Recipe: Air Fryer Asparagus Fries

12. Perfect Steamed Asparagus

If you want to enjoy asparagus in its simplest, purest form, try steaming it. We love this recipe because it only takes about 10 minutes to make and it may be the easiest side dish you've ever thrown together. Plus, as long as you're working with really fresh asparagus, the flavor will be incredible.

Don't forget to season your steamed asparagus before you serve it. This recipe calls for salt and pepper along with lemon juice and some olive oil, but you can add in other seasonings as you see fit.

Recipe: Perfect Steamed Asparagus

13. Garden Fresh Asparagus and Broad Bean Risotto

Make a big batch of this hearty, filling Garden Fresh Asparagus and Broad Bean Risotto if you really want to capture the essence of the season. The bright, fresh flavors of both the asparagus and the beans flavor the creamy rice beautifully, and a splash of white wine adds some refreshing acidity to the finished dish.

This recipe takes about an hour to make, but it's worth the time to enjoy asparagus in such a satisfying way. Make an extra large batch, and save some for leftovers to enjoy the next day once the flavors have melded together even more.

Recipe: Garden Fresh Asparagus and Broad Bean Risotto

14. Asparagus and Tarragon Frittata

Asparagus is delicious on its own, but it's even better when it's complemented by green, springy herbs like tarragon, which add a lovely floral quality to this frittata recipe. This light, bright dish is ideal for a casual brunch when you want to eat light without sacrificing flavor.

Once you're finished cooking the frittata, finish it off with a ball of burrata right in the center of the dish. Add some arugula on top, and you have an unforgettable brunch dish.

Recipe: Asparagus and Tarragon Frittata

15. Cheesy Asparagus Galette

Galette is pie's more relaxed, carefree cousin, and it's the perfect backdrop for farm-fresh asparagus in the spring. We love this recipe that pairs asparagus with Gruyère, Swiss, and crumbly goat cheeses since the flavors work so well together.

Though this recipe does take some time to prep, it's relatively easy to throw together, even if you're not a pro baker. Once you pull it out of the oven, your guests will be dying to dig into the spring pie-like dish.

Recipe: Cheesy Asparagus Galette

16. Chicken Sausage and Asparagus Sheet-Pan Dinner

Sheet pan dinners may just be our favorite way of getting a meal on the table on a busy night. You may not have time to stand over the stove for an hour, but you probably do have the time to cut up some meat and vegetables, put them on a pan, and slide them into the oven until they're ready to come out.

If you're looking for a sheet pan dinner that features asparagus at the forefront, you have to make this Chicken Sausage and Asparagus Sheet Pan Dinner recipe. It's quick, it's easy, and, most importantly, it's delicious.

Recipe: Chicken Sausage and Asparagus Sheet-Pan Dinner

17. Asparagus, Leek, and Pancetta Pasta

Asparagus may be one of our favorite springtime vegetables, but it's not the only kind of produce we get excited about in the spring. The warmer weather also signifies that it's time to buy leeks, another springtime fave. These two ingredients work well together but are even better when enjoyed with crispy, fatty pancetta.

The heaviness of the pancetta counteracts the light, bright flavors of the springtime veggies. Put all of these ingredients together in a pasta dish, and you have a dinner you'll want to make over and over again.

Recipe: Asparagus, Leek, and Pancetta Pasta