Why Using Super Firm Tofu In Stir-Fry Saves You Time And Effort

Derived from soya beans, tofu is one of the most beloved plant-based meat options around. Before the payoff, there's often quite a bit of prep work involved when making tofu. Thankfully, opting for super firm tofu when making stir-fry saves you time and effort.

Stir-frying involves cooking protein or vegetables at a high heat to give the ingredients a slightly crisp texture. Since moisture results in steaming rather than frying, tofu's waterlogged nature doesn't make it the easiest option for stir-frying. The soy-based product often has to be pressed prior to cooking. However, super firm tofu doesn't have the same requirements.

This sturdier form of tofu comes pre-pressed, doing all the work for you. Instead of wrapping your block of tofu and sandwiching it between two hard surfaces to squeeze out all the water, you can cook it straight away. What is normally a half-hour process is skipped thanks to the hardened form of super firm tofu. After slicing up the tofu the way you like it, cook it as normal and enjoy the extra 30 minutes you have, perhaps with an extra helping of teriyaki tofu and mushroom stir fry.

Follow these tips when stir-frying tofu

Although super firm tofu doesn't need to be pressed, the soya block still requires a little bit of prep. Super firm tofu contains a small amount of water, so it may be hard to get it to crisp up at first. To give the tofu a golden brown coating, cover it in cornstarch. The powder will absorb the excess moisture from the tofu while delivering a crispy exterior. Plus, removing the remaining moisture is the key to preventing the tofu from crumbling.

The way you prepare tofu is also relevant to keep it intact. Stir-frying typically involves constant movement, but it's best to leave tofu alone. Allow each side to brown before flipping it over – this way, it'll get crispy instead of crumbling and falling apart. From there, you can stir it around gently, ensuring that every part of it is covered in the stir-fry sauce.

However, the best way to get flavorful tofu is by marinating it beforehand. Some recipes separate the tofu from the rest of the ingredients once it's been cooked, so giving it an extra helping of seasoning prior to cooking is the best choice. Mix a variety of spices into a small amount of soy sauce before tossing the sliced tofu in it. You can leave it to marinate for anywhere from 30 minutes to two days.