Elevate Store-Bought Cinnamon Rolls By Pressing Them In A Waffle Iron

Are you team pancakes? Team waffles? Team French toast? How about none of the above, because cinnamon roll waffles have entered the chat. Using easy-to-find store-bought cinnamon rolls for an even easier breakfast is an expected way to elevate an already decadent treat into something truly special. If you're the type who gravitates toward brunch options like stuffed French toast or whipped cream-covered pancakes, this gooey, cinnamony, glaze-smothered treat has your name on it.

To make, choose your favorite brand of canned cinnamon rolls at the store — like Pillsbury, Trader Joe's, or others. Pop open the can, divide the pre-cut rolls, and crank on your waffle iron and spritz with cooking spray. Simply place one un-baked roll on the hot waffle iron (you may want to gently flatten in your palm first), press down, and let cook until golden, for about 4 minutes. The waffle iron will do all the work, transforming the uncooked roll into the most perfectly sweet and cinnamon-y waffle ready to be drizzled with the glaze that came in the container, or your choice of toppings like syrup and fruit. Because you're flattening each roll down into a waffle shape, you're essentially getting the ideal blend of roll, cinnamon, and sugar per bite. And because of the waffle divots formed by the press, you have dozens of handy little squares to catch and hold the topping of your choosing. 

Using store-bought cinnamon rolls saves time and elevates the waffle

You could certainly make homemade cinnamon rolls to turn into waffles, but the beauty of this scrumptious treat is the time you'll save by popping open a can of the store-bought variety, which, with their pillowy dough and sweet ooey-gooey insides, rival a homemade roll in terms of deliciousness. A common gripe for making waffles is the time required. Between making the batter and patiently waiting as each waffle cooks — it's not a quick treat to whip up. The workaround of using store-bought rolls cuts out a lot of the prep for breakfast in less time than it'd take either to make your own cinnamon rolls or waffles from scratch. Depending on the size and layout of your waffle iron, you may be able to cook several rolls at once for breakfast on the table in even less time.

You can always elevate your store-bought roll waffles with indulgent add-ons like nuts, fruit, or other toppings. It's just the thing to whip up Christmas morning or if you're expecting company — but we also wouldn't judge if it becomes a random Wednesday morning breakfast, because life's short. Either way, you'll never look at a simple can of store-bought waffles the same again.