Tangy Sharp Cheddar Complements The Sweet Kick Of Apple Quick Bread

If you've never tried cheddar cheese and apple flavors together, you may be missing out. Whether the two ingredients are combined on a grilled cheese, in mac and cheese featuring a chicken-apple sausage, or on a slice of apple pie, some people swear by this flavor pairing. Plus, you'll often see fruits like apples sitting next to cheese on charcuterie boards. The combo isn't so out of pocket when you think about what these two ingredients individually bring to the table – cheddar cheese is sharp and salty, while apples are soft and sweet. Together, they create a tasty sweet and savory juxtaposition, and can even result in a rich texture if the cheese is melted.

But if this is your first foray into bringing cheddar and apple together, start off with something relatively safe, like a quick bread. The flavors will still complement each other in the same way, but they'll be surrounded by the tasty, spongy bread, so neither one will overwhelm your palette. And unlike apple pie with melted cheese or grilled cheese, this bread is a much easier way to incorporate this flavor pairing into your everyday routine.

How to make apple cheddar quick bread

The beauty of adding apples into a cheddar-infused quick bread is that you can select your favorite type of the fruit. Granny Smiths, of course, will give you little bursts of sourness when incorporated into your recipe, which can be delicious when contrasted with the saltiness in the cheese and the sweetness in the loaf. Fujis and Galas, on the other hand, will give you that salty-sweet juxtaposition that we originally mentioned. Whichever variety you choose, you'll want to shred the apples and cheese before making your bread. Feel free to leave the skin on the apples, although you can also remove it if you want a softer texture.

You'll want to use a fairly basic quick bread recipe here since the cheddar and fruit flavors will take the main stage, but you can incorporate a few other mix-ins that complement them. Try some minced sage, chopped walnuts, chopped pecans, or a sprinkle of cinnamon, and fold all your mix-ins in right before you pour your batter into the loaf pan. When it comes to serving your masterpiece, simple is usually best. Top your warm bread slices with a pat of butter or jam, or a mildly flavored nut butter. Or, simply savor the sweet, salty flavors as they are, and enjoy slices for breakfast throughout the week.