Why You Should Always Stack Crepes Directly On Top Of Each Other When Serving

If you've taken the time to master the recipe for making perfect French crepes, you don't want to fumble the final dish by serving it incorrectly. These delicate pancakes can easily tear, stick together, or turn dry and hard if not arranged properly after cooking. Stacking crepes the traditional way — directly on top of each other in a neat pile — keeps their best qualities intact, and helps you put this dish on the table with the confidence of a practiced chef. 

Stacking your crepes on top of each other can help keep them soft, preserving the tender and pliable texture this dish is known for. Because crepes have to be cooked in batches, protect your hard work by setting each cooked crepe onto a plate that has been covered in a paper towel. Put one crepe on top of the other as you cook the batter. Then, when you're ready to serve your delicious treats, the cooled pancakes can be easily separated, rolled, and packed with various fillings like fresh berries or cheese and ham. Or, keep them in an attractively neat stack that can be presented to guests to adorn as they wish with honey, powdered sugar, or maple syrup.

Protecting a delicate creation

The reason stacking crepes protects their texture is that each hot crepe provides a bit of steam to the next pancake underneath and/or on top, keeping the whole stack soft and warm. Should you be faced with more crepes than you and your guests can eat at once, you can store your leftovers using parchment paper. Simply place a sheet between each paper-thin crepe before putting them in the fridge. The next time a crepe craving strikes, you won't be faced with a mound of stuck-together pieces, and the fragile layers will be protected from tearing.

When stored correctly, crepes can be reheated and served any time of the day. The versatile pancakes can be placed on the breakfast table alongside jams and spreads, enjoyed at lunch filled with savory ingredients like smoked salmon and eggs, or served as a boozy crepes Suzette dessert to finish off your next cocktail party.